Wednesday, 29 June 2011

But I Like Having Hair!

The Big Man is follicley challenged.  Is that a PC way of saying it?  And no that is not a picture of the Big Man.  It's Gregor Fisher as "The Baldy Man" one of his many hilarious characters.  

The Big Man was bald when I met him, so it is only in old faded photos that I've ever seen him with a full head of "Rick Astley" hair.  He liked his hair mousse did the Big Man.  The more volume the better.  

So obviously the Wee Man has never known his dad to have any hair, save for some bum fluff on the sides and back.  We never really mention the baldness.  It just doesn't register.  The Big Man is the man I fell in love with and he is quite secure with his "hair style".  

So it is with great surprise that the Wee Man has become rather obsessed with his dad's lack of hair and seems to be quite worried that he will lose his own luscious locks.  

For example:

Example 1
Wee Man:  Mum, when I grow up will I have hair like Dad's
Me:  I'm not sure son, maybe.  
Me:  (Trying not to pee myself)  You'll just have to wait and see, darling. 
Wee Man:  I LIKE MY HAIR!!!

Example 2
Wee Man:  Dad, why do you cut your hair when you have none? 

Example 3
Wee Man:  Mum, why does Dad have no hair?
Me:  I don't know, what do you think
Wee Man:  (Thinks for a bit and then runs around like mad shaking his head)
                  I think he went like that and he knocked it all out.  
Me:  (Trying again not to pee myself) Maybe it's not a good idea for you to do that again then. 

Hopefully the Wee Man will get to keep his locks but with baldness on both sides of the family, the future is looking quite bleak.  

Here comes the Sun

It's been silly weather here.  One day we've got a heatwave the next it's thunder storms and long sleeve jammies at bed time.  I'm not one who enjoys hot sunny weather.  Give me a cool Spring breeze any day.  

With the heatwave, I had no other choice but to dig out my old summer clothes.  I hate the change of seasons as inevitably it means trying on last years clothes to see if they still fit!  More often than not I'm disappointed but this year I have a little spring in my sunny step because my favourite summer skirt still fits.  Hurrah!  

It's a patchwork skirt from M&S.  I bought it years ago, before the Wee Man was born, from an M&S outlet shop.  I do love it so.  I love the fabric on it.  It is actual patchwork and not the cheap printed patchwork you find a lot of these days.  

Every time I wear it I tend to sit and stare at it.  The fabrics are so lovely.  I have thought about cutting it up and making it into some cushion covers.  I'd like to get more use out of it other than a few of times a year.  But I just can't bring myself to do it.

What do you think?  Should I keep it hidden in my wardrobe to be pulled out and worn a few times a year or should I get the scissors to it and make something with it?  It's such a difficult decision.

Storage-aholics Annonymous

I seem to be drawn to storage.  Jars, baskets, boxes, anything you can stash things in, I'm interested.  Maybe this is an early sign of hoarding.  Though the Big Man may argue I am in the latter stages already.  Or maybe I'm just shrewd and use storage as a quick and easy way to tidy up.  Whatever the psychological reason for it, I can safely say I am addicted to storage.

During our trip to the car boot in Ruislip I picked up...some new storage.  What else?

These beauties made the Wee Man exclaim "No More Baskets, Mum!".  Does that mean he's aware of my addiction?  Should I now start feeling guilt?

A pair of beautiful Fortnum and Mason hampers for £5 each.  I have two others I bought last year at a car boot sale.  The original two are stuffed full of toys and I plan to keep these beauties for myself.  Mine I tell you, all mine!  I'll probably store some of my vintage china in them, or maybe I should buy more vintage china to store in them.

I also picked these two pretties up for 50p each.

A pale blue glass bowl and a delicate pink glass lidded  trinket box.  I think the blue bowl will be destined for the mantle piece for the Big Man to empty his pockets into.  I'm tired of finding stacks of coins here there and everywhere and the Big Man's morning "Where's my keys?!" comedy routine.

And also.....

A set of three new storage tins for £1.  I'm going to fill each of them up with sweets and chocs and add them to the Wee Man's teachers' end of year goodie bags.  There are five teachers in all so I'll need to hunt down two more storage tins.  Ha, ha more storage shopping.

I do love me storage.  Do you love storage?

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Monday, 27 June 2011

Car Boot Loot #6

What a looty weekend I had!  The Wee Man, during one of his leaflet hoarding expeditions, came across a leaflet for the Ruislip Lido Railway and had decided that it was his right to ride on that railway.  So of course being the push over parent that he is, the Big Man agreed and we headed to Ruislip on Sunday.

As is the tradition now, we headed to a new car boot first before we got there.  The Big Man has found that this is the only way to keep me sweet on train day outs.  Very wise of him.  We found one in Ruislip and headed there first thing in the morning.  

What a great car boot that was.  So very civilised, lots of lovely sellers and buyers and lots and lots of vintage gorgeousness.  I got so much stuff I'm going to have to show you some now and some later.  I had to stop myself from buying lots of things as the pennies seemed to disappear from my purse.

First up a Rawlings soda water syphon.  It's etched glass and is pre 1953 as it has a royal warrant on it for HM the King.  

It's all rather mucky inside and I am loath to clean it as it has an original label on the top.  I'd hate for it to wash off.  Does anyone have any tips on how to wash only the inside of a soda water syphon?  I got this for only £2.50.  I had my sweaty hands on it and chatted with the seller for ages, all the while a man was hovering behind me and when I finally said I'd buy it, Mr. Hover exclaimed "I wanted that!"  It's always good to buy something that someone else so desperately wants.  Ha! 

Next up some gorgeous china jugs, both just 50p each.  The seller was selling off her collection of china jugs as she had moved onto collecting tea pots.  I think I may have to start stalking this car boot in anticipation of her selling off her tea pot collection. 

This one is Paragon "Lavinia" and has the most gorgeous flowers.

And this one is Royal Adderley "Cornflower".

I also bought a load of other stuff which you'll need to wait to have a nose at as the book worm that is the Wee Man is waiting for me to read some stories to him.  

I always find it difficult to get my photos bright enough to show off my bits and pieces.  I tend to photograph things on my dresser which is in a corner of my dining room.  Short of having a full lighting rig, I'm really not sure how to get my pics better.  Anyone got any tips?  I'd love to photograph them outside but my garden is more jungle than garden.  If you know what I mean!  

Thursday, 23 June 2011

...the BEST pie in the world!

Tat or Treasure?

On Sunday I saw a little something at the car boot sale which made me think of a fellow blogger.  Her laptop is a bit poorly and has gone to the laptop hospital for some TLC which means I can blog about it without her knowing.  Ha!

The lovely blogger is Scarlett from Scarlett Loves Elvis.  Scarlett, if you've snagged a PC from somewhere and you're reading this, "Stop Reading!"

Can you guess what it is?

How about another clue?

Got it?  Look at the jawline, the sideburns and the squashed nose(!)  OK, another clue then....

You must have guessed by now?  Big hair, big glasses?

OK, this one looks like Prince William in camouflage, so one last clue...

It's the King himself, immortalised in a wooden Russian Doll!  Did you guess right?

It's so tacky it's chic!  I love it!  The real question is will Scarlett see her little pressie as Tat or Treasure?  What do you think?

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Pour moi?! Not quite.

A few months ago I took part in a swap and my lovely swap partner sent me the most gorgeous handmade bag.  I love the bag and have been using it every day since I got it.  It's so roomy, gorgeous and holds everything I need to humph about with me.  Which is a lot.  Have a look at my "What have you got in your bag?" post.

And look what came in the post today!  Lots of lovely beautifully wrapped parcels, with little butterfly stickers on them and.....

Two bags of each of the three designs, so six delicious bags in total.  Six bags, five teachers which means one for me to keepsy!

The bags are so gorgeous I thought they would be a perfect gift for the Wee Man's nursery teachers at the end of term.  So I asked Cartier to make me some and lucky for me she said yes.

I'm going to give each teacher a gift basket/ goodie bag with lots of pressies in it.  It's always fun to get a goodie bag don't you think.  Delving in and puling out another lovely.  It's like a lucky dip with everything inside guaranteed to delight.

There are five teachers in total in the Wee Man's class.  Three actual teachers, his support worker Mrs. H. and another little girl's support worker Mrs N.  The Wee Man doesn't have much to do with Mrs. N. which is the nature of being a support worker but she is such a lovely lady and I think it only fair that all the teachers are shown some appreciation for all the hardwork that they do.

I like to show the teachers that we appreciate everything they do for us, especially with the Wee Man's allergies and the extra special care they give him.  Plus the ladies in the school office for all the hard work they do behind the scenes and of course the Head Teacher.  So all in all it will be a pressie bonanza.

Better get my crafting hat on and get my bum into gear!  Got some pressies to make.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My first ever Blog Awards

Just like the 403 bus in my town, you wait and hope that one will come your way and then BAM!  Just when you're looking the other way three come hurtling towards you.  

I have been a very lucky blogger lady and been awarded my first ever Blog Awards from the gorgeous Scarlett of Scarlett Loves Elvis.  I'm rather chuffed to say the least.  Puffed up chest and everything.  Scarlett has a knack of "over hearing" the most hilarious conversations.  I seem to guffaw every time I read her posts.

I was curious about the Liebster award as it sounded rather "exotic" and found that the Liebster blog award originated in Germany and it is awarded to blogs with less than 300 followers.  The award is to help highlight these blog and introduce more readers to their gorgeousness.

So it is with very great pleasure that I nominate the following five blogs to pass the awards on to.

Joyful Treasure Hunting
ChrisTea and Cakes 
Not Quite Perfect
Vintage Tea Time
Crafty Geordi

Go check them out.

So I'm new to all this and I gather I have to now give you some random facts about myself.  I've been racking my brains for some random facts and came up with the following:

1/  When I was a child we were really poor and lived in a Glasgow tenement which consisted of two rooms and a toilet.  We had no hot water, no bath tub and no kitchen.  I slept in an alcove in the living/ dining/ kitchen/ everything room.  Mum cooked on a single electric ring thing.  Us kids bathed in the big butler sink and Mum and Dad would make a weekly visit to the public bath house.  We were so poor that the holes in our shoes were "repaired" with a large plaster.  I remember spending many evenings peeling the skin off my very damp toes.  It was Glasgow, it rained every day.

2/  I don't know how to ride a bike and am now trying to teach the Wee Man how to ride his bike without stabilisers.  Blind leading the blind!

3/  I spent a summer working as a chambermaid in New York.  I think my aversion to housework stems from this traumatic experience!

4/  I have an MA in Psychology and forgot most of everything I'd learned within a month of graduating.

5/  When I was younger my dream job was to work in television.  I did so for a year and then decided it would be better if I found a "proper" job and instead entered the corporate world.  How I wish I could go back in time and kick some sense into myself.  One souvenir I did get from my TV days was the Big Man.

So that's the five random facts about me.

Madison xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

...Car Boot Loot #5

It was Fathers' Day on Sunday and of course we had to have a special treat, steam train ride for the Big Man and the Wee Man.  On our way to the steam train we stopped off at a car boot sale that the Big Man had found on t'internet.  He knows how to keep me happy does the Big Man.  It was hidden away on an industrial estate, on an office building car park.  It was very, very small about 15 sellers in total and even less buyers.  But despite it's size I got a few gems.  The sellers were so desperate to sell something they were practically throwing things at me.

I've always wanted a Yogi Bear kind of picnic basket.  As a child I wished I could go on picnics with a picnic basket brimming full of treaty goodness.  We never did have picnics but I am determined to live vicariously through the Wee Man and force my picnic fantasy on him.  So there!

I was overjoyed when I spotted this beauty at the car boot sale.  The lady who was selling it was desperate to say the least.  Before I'd even picked it up she started shouting numbers at me and before I knew it she said the magic "£1" and the basket was tucked under my arm ready to come home with me.

It isn't exactly the same as a Yogi Bear basket, the lid opens out rather than in, but it's close enough for me.  It has all the necessary dirt and history to make my heart go bumpity bump.  I just need to clean it up and then figure out how to make a lining for it.  I'm thinking oilcloth, for ease of cleaning.  Anyone know how to do that?  That'll be another thing for me to search on Google.

I also spotted a little china bud vase, Paragon "Victoriana Rose".  I hummed for a bit asked the seller the price put it down and walked away.  It was only £1.50 but it didn't sing to me. One circuit round the stalls later, the seller came looking for me and informed me he was happy to haggle.  He was a rather dear old man.  He was selling things for his daughter who no doubt decided sending her Dad out to sell her tat was a good Fathers' Day present for him!  We haggled for a bit and settled on £1.

I also got a little something that made me think of a fellow blogger.  I'm going to ask her for her address, that is if she gives it to me as she may think I am crazy stalker lady.  What is the etiquette for things like that?  Not sure.  But I saw this little thing and thought of her.  It could either be viewed as a bit of tat or a bit of treasure. It really isn't much but it could be.

That's my lot from the car boot this week.

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

...three special kisses

I am someone who has personal space issues.  I don't like being touched, of course the Big Man and Wee Man are the exception.  Hugs, air kisses all fill me with dread.  So why for someone like me do I sign my name with three kisses at the end?

The answer is that they simply remind me and others of the three special kisses in my life.  They are there to show I am always thinking of them.  Who are my kisses?  They are Agatha, Annie and Hector, my triplets.

After a problematic pregnancy I lost my beautiful babies on June 18th 2005.  They had spent twenty two weeks  in their Mummy's tummy.  It's difficult and emotional to write about the whole experience and I don't think I am able to fully, not yet anyway.  Maybe one day, but not yet.

The following year, the Wee Man came into our lives and though he won't ever fill the hole the triplets left in my heart, he has gone a long way in helping heal it.

He is such a very compassionate Wee Man, often sobbing at sad stories.  Very much like his Mum and Dad.  I think in all honesty he is still too young to know about his big brother and sisters but I think somehow he does know.  A couple of years ago when he was two years old we went to visit the triplets.  They are buried under an oak tree in a remembrance garden.  On our walk up to the tree he ran ahead of us shouting "Hello, hello, hello!" and ran straight to the tree where the triplets were buried.  I'm not sure what exactly that means.  The logical side of my head says it is coincidence but the emotional side believes that the triplets are here watching us and guiding the Wee Man and in a subconscious level he is aware of them.

I do truly believe the triplets will always be with us and when they are not here they are playing in the remembrance garden, dancing with the dragon flies across the beautiful pond and watching the distant trains rush by.

It difficult to form the words I want to express, all too emotional, so I'll finish with a lovely poem a friend sent me, that helped a lot with my grief.

Too Soon - Mary Yarnall

These are lives that had hardly begun
No time to find their place in the Sun
No time to do all they could have done
But we loved you enough for a lifetime

No time to enjoy the world and it's wealth
No time to take life down off the shelf
No time to sing the songs of yourselves
Though you had enough love for a lifetime

Those who live long endure sadness and tears
But you'll never suffer the sorrowing years
No betrayal, no anger, no hatred, no fears
Just love - Only love - In your lifetime 

Madison xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some good things from aches and pains.

Last week I had to go to the doctors surgery.  I hate going to the doctor's.  Sitting in a stagnant waiting room with germs, bacteria and God knows what else floating around me.  EW!

Anyway, the only good thing about going to the docs is the charity shop next door to it.  It's part of the old folk's club and full of donations from little old ladies.  Lots of vintage loveliness everywhere.

Look what I snapped up.

A beautiful Spode plate with a delicate lace detail and pink rose in the middle for £2.99.  It's my new favourite in my vintage china collection.  It's so delicate and lovely it looks like it belongs to a country lady with a thatched roof cottage and rose garden.

I also got this plate by Royal Grafton for £1.  Not sure what kind of plate it is.  What is it used for?  It's only about six inches at it's widest edge.  You can't get many sandwiches on that.  Anyone know?

And last but by no means least, a jug with a vintage coffee poster ad.  The Big Man is rather taken with this jug and keeps admiring it.  He very proudly announced that "Camp Coffee" is made in Glasgow (where we both hail from).  His reaction was novel, considering his usual reaction to my finds range from a roll of the eyes to a full blown scowl.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

...a Tea Cup Treasure Tuesday #2

Since I wrote my first Tea Cup Treasure Tuesday post I've been wracking my brains trying to think of another one.  Once I thought of one, another came along, then another.  I realised that I do have lots of little treasures stashed away as I am sure everyone else has.

It really has been a revelation.  I have kept so many little things that have become long forgotten at the back of a drawer or in a cupboard.  Actually having a purpose to seek them out has reminded me of lots of good memories and given my little treasures a new lease of life.

This week's TTT is a very special one that is dear to me.

It's a vintage pill box with a beautiful pink rose lid.  It's metallic and I suspect silver plate.  The box is rather ornate with "carvings" on the sides and inside of the lid.

Many years ago, before we were married the Big Man's dear aunt passed away.  She was a lovely lady who never had any children so treated the Big Man as her own son.  She was a second mother to him so it was a very difficult time for all the family.

We'd traveled back to Glasgow for the funeral and to support the Big Man's family (my now in-laws). When we were clearing her little flat we were allowed to take anything that we wanted.  This little pill box was one of the things I asked for.  It was rather pretty but I'm afraid to say I didn't have much taste back then.  I only wanted the pill box as a functional storage unit for the real treasure that I had found.

Can you guess what it is?

Whilst clearing her bedroom and sorting things for the charity shop, I made sure I checked pockets etc.  And tucked away inside an empty glasses case I found my treasure.  It's a little lock of curly ginger hair, the Big Man's baby hair.

My face lit up when I found it and the awfulness of the task was no more as I showed it to the Big Man's parents and begged to keep it.  My mother in law has since commented that, that was the moment she and her husband knew I was the right girl for their son.  My sheer delight at finding their baby boy's hair was enough to convince them of my good intentions.

I've since added to the treasure.  If you look very closely you can see one white hair.  That is my first ever white hair!  Why did I keep my first white hair?!  I have no idea.

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

...Car Boot Loot #4

It's wet and miserable outside.  But I'm all warm and fuzzy cos I gots me some bargains at the car boot.

Can you tell I'm excited?  

We'd decided to venture a bit further afield and try a car boot sale in a town that's a wee drive away.  The Big Man, in his wisdom, decided to take the country roads and not the motorway.  Forty minutes later we finally arrived.(NB the journey home, via the motorway, took all of fifteen minutes.  GGRR!)

The car boot was held in the town's market with each seller given a real market stall.  It was all rather civilised and not the usual free for all that I am use to.  Lots of lovelies but all a bit more pricey than I am use to.  So we left empty handed.  

But after lunch I decided to brave the wet weather and go to my good old faithful car boot sale.  The rain really had driven sellers and buyers away and only the really committed and ardent car booters were there today. (That would be me)  There must have been only 10% of the usual number of sellers.  More pickings for me.  And pickings I had.

A brand new box of Cath Kidston stationery all for only £3.  It really is rather gorgeous and I can't wait to write my first letter with it.  It's been a while since I wrote an actual letter with a pen and paper, I'm more an email kind of girl, but with this gorgeous stationery who can resist.   Now who will I write to?

I did a leap and a dodge to get my slippery hands on this little tea cup.  It really is so sweet and divine.  I've been on t'internet for most of this afternoon trying to find the maker and how old they are but I'm having no luck at all.  Anyone know anything about this mark?

I am a bit of a storage-aholic.  I like baskets and jars and boxes and anything else you can stash things in.  I spotted a wicker basket to add to my collection.  It, again, is brand new and a bit too shiny for my liking.  I like a bit of dirt and history.   But for £2 I can't really grumble.

So that was my lot...well it wasn't really.  I picked something else up for Aija my swap partner for the Faith Hope and Charity Shopping swap.  I'd really love to show you it but it would spoil her surprise.  Promise I will as soon as she receives it. 

Friday, 10 June 2011

I've been playing with my toys!

What do I do when the Wee Man's at nursery school?  I would love to say housework but in reality I play with my toys.  My beautiful, delicate, gorgeous lovelies that makes my heart go bumpity-bump.

I've spent this morning playing with my dresser.  Putting new things on display and sighing at their loveliness.  Everything but two of the things, on the dresser came from either a charity shop or car boot sale.  The dresser itself was free from Freegle.

Pretty, pretty china.  The mosaic box in the bottom of the picture was one of my first bargain finds at a charity shop.  It was brand new and made by Sia.  It had an original shop sticker on the bottom for £16.  I got it for a mere £3.  It now stores some of the Big Man's many card readers, USB stick things and leads!

The cake slice was a birthday present from a dear friend.  I came home one day to find a surprise package on my doorstep.  She has a tendency to turn up unannounced at my doorstep with presents.

The single cake stand in the middle was one of my first crafty makes.  A charity shop vintage plate and glass vase, with a bit of Pinflair glue and I had me my first cake stand.  My cake stand collection has kind of grown since then.  They are kind of haphazardly piled on top of each other on another cupboard.  I have vowed never to buy another cake stand.  Promise!

The tea cups are some of my many tea cups.  I think I'll have another play in a couple of weeks and get my other tea cups out of storage.  

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

...a Teacup Treasure Tuesday #1

Over on Not Quite Perfect, Esther has started a new linky party called Teacup Treasure Tuesday.  The rule is simple, show treasures you have that are no bigger than the size of a teacup.  Esther has shown a fair few already, my favourite being a hippo shaped piece of wood she found when she was a little girl.

So my first teacup treasure is this....

The inside of a Kinder Surprise egg with three little baby teeth in it.  The baby teeth belong to my very big 31 year old brother.  When we were kids my parents were pretty much "Boring" and never did Tooth Fairies or Easter Bunnies or indeed Santa Claus.  So when my little baby brother lost his teeth I wanted to be the Mum that I wanted our Mum to be and told him the story of the tooth fairy.

He'd hide his teeth under his pillow and when he was asleep I'd swap it for some money.  Money was scarce in those days and I remember feeling like a millionaire when I had saved £5 in my little purse.  I remember being rather generous and giving him between 50p and a pound for each tooth.  This was back in the early 80s, so mega bucks in those days.

I've kept them all these years with the intention of giving it to my future sister in law.  I planned to present her with it and guage her love for him by her reaction to them.  All very contrived and devious for a child to think up don't you think?   Well my brother is now married and expecting his first child in August, so maybe it's time for me to part with this treasure and pass it on to it's rightful owner.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

...Car Boot Loot #3

After not making it to the Car Boot last Sunday I awoke this morning in anticipation.  It was a rather mixed bag though.  Not too disappointing as I got a couple of lovelies, but nothing outstanding.

I got four napkins for the bargain price of 25p.  I'd love to say they were vintage but in truth they are "vintage" Debenhams.   Beautiful fabric though and I'm debating whether to keep them as napkins or to use the fabric for a project.

And sitting atop of the napkins in the picture for a meager 50p, is a silver plated knife of some sort.  I'm really not sure what kind of knife it is.  It looks like a small cake slice.  Definitely not a fish knife.  Anyone know what kind of knife it is?    It has gorgeous detail on the handle and with some silver polish and good old elbow grease it will be shiny sparkly new before you know it.

Of course I had to pick a book up for the Wee Man.  He's such a book worm.  This is a favourite of his and he often borrows it from the nursery library.  I would highly recommend it for preschoolers.  For those who don't know the book, it's kind of an "I spy" book.  Lots of fun.

And last but not least a wooden picture frame for 30p.  This is for a project that I have planned and completed in my head.  That's the easy part.  Now to get my bum into gear and get it done.

On Friday I went with the Wee Man to Hitchin antiques and collectibles market.  What a trek it was from the train station.  It's a great market with lots of lovelies at reasonable prices.  Unfortunately by the time we got there, the Wee Man was tired and grumpy.  His mood soon lightened when he spotted the model train stall.  He came away with a new engine for his model railway and I came away with nowt.   Typical!

Happy thrifting everyone.

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