Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ice Cream for Breakfast

He passed!  The Wee Man passed his soya challenge.  I cannot quite believe it.  I need to monitor him for the next 36 hours in case he has a delayed reaction.  But all being well, come Monday I can introduce soya into his diet.

It was a bit touch and go during the test.  At one point he complained of an itchy tongue and started scratching it quite vigorously.  That's never happened before and it's one of the signs of anaphylaxis.  The Big Man and I got a wee bit anxious at that point.  But the itch came and went quite quickly.  We think there must have been an allergen on the straw he was given.  A straw as it turns out that is left out in the open so it was very likely to have been contaminated with something.  Most likely milk.  

The contaminated straw!

He also had blemishes appear around his mouth.  Not so much hives but red irritations that were itchy.  And again they came and went quite quickly.

A quick phone call to the Consultant to discuss these strange goings on and she confirmed that they do not constitute an allergic reaction and the challenge test had been passed.  We were told to wait 72 hours and watch for any signs of a delayed reaction.  If after all that, nothing untoward happens then it is a big fat pass! 

I am ecstatic!  I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference incorporating soya into his diet will make.  Pretty much every free from food has soya in it, in one form or another. I've spent the last couple of days surfing the internet for new foods he can eat.
He can finally, finally have ice cream.  It's the one thing I have been unable to find or make an alternative for.  We did once find a rice ice cream but the Wee Man thought it tasted "Yuk!" and I haven't been able to find it anywhere since.  I've also found an egg, wheat and dairy free ice cream cone he can have.  So finally after five and a half years the Wee Man will be able to eat an ice cream cone.  And he can now eat chocolate!

That is why on Monday he will have ice cream for breakfast (with chocolate of course).

As always the Wee Man was great at the hospital despite spending eight very long hours there.  His favourite activity?  Painting and glittering in bed!   


  1. Ohhh that is fantastic news, can he try the Alpro range, I love their stuff! I bet he will have fun trying out the new things.

    My tongue often goes itchy, very odd.

    Its also odd that my boys had pancakes and ice cream for brekkie today and now you are doing the same! I shall be looking for hidden cameras!

  2. Hurrah for the Wee Man! Great news and won't it be great to watch your boy eat an ice cream and chocolate! It's nice when things go your way.
    Enjoy the ice creamy, chocolatey weekend!

  3. Wonderful news and what better way to celebrate than icecream for breakfast!

  4. Bless him, that's great news! have a lovely weekend! xxx

  5. So bad about the straw, but that's such lovely news. I hope all is still looking good for that ice cream breakfast! x

  6. Now that is excellent news - ice-cream & chocolate for breakfast - well worth waiting for :)

  7. Aah that's great news, can well imagine how happy you are. Hope it keeps going well (bad about the straw though, you'd think the staff would have thought of these things, must have been scary)
    Hope he enjoys his ice-cream!

  8. phew what a relief for you all. Ice cream for brekky how yummy.

  9. Hi Madison, have been paired up with you for the Jar of Love swap! Am looking forward to getting to know you, love Claire, your new follower xxx

  10. Hi! I have been paired with you for Hookin with LaLas Best of British swap!

    Look forward to hearing for you :-) xx

  11. Hi - I have just received the travelling craft box and you are next on the list! Let me know your details and I will send it on to you!

  12. Hey Madison, hope all ok with you and you're all set for good Christmas xx

  13. How colourful! I love watching kids play with colours!
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