Tuesday, 14 June 2011

...a Tea Cup Treasure Tuesday #2

Since I wrote my first Tea Cup Treasure Tuesday post I've been wracking my brains trying to think of another one.  Once I thought of one, another came along, then another.  I realised that I do have lots of little treasures stashed away as I am sure everyone else has.

It really has been a revelation.  I have kept so many little things that have become long forgotten at the back of a drawer or in a cupboard.  Actually having a purpose to seek them out has reminded me of lots of good memories and given my little treasures a new lease of life.

This week's TTT is a very special one that is dear to me.

It's a vintage pill box with a beautiful pink rose lid.  It's metallic and I suspect silver plate.  The box is rather ornate with "carvings" on the sides and inside of the lid.

Many years ago, before we were married the Big Man's dear aunt passed away.  She was a lovely lady who never had any children so treated the Big Man as her own son.  She was a second mother to him so it was a very difficult time for all the family.

We'd traveled back to Glasgow for the funeral and to support the Big Man's family (my now in-laws). When we were clearing her little flat we were allowed to take anything that we wanted.  This little pill box was one of the things I asked for.  It was rather pretty but I'm afraid to say I didn't have much taste back then.  I only wanted the pill box as a functional storage unit for the real treasure that I had found.

Can you guess what it is?

Whilst clearing her bedroom and sorting things for the charity shop, I made sure I checked pockets etc.  And tucked away inside an empty glasses case I found my treasure.  It's a little lock of curly ginger hair, the Big Man's baby hair.

My face lit up when I found it and the awfulness of the task was no more as I showed it to the Big Man's parents and begged to keep it.  My mother in law has since commented that, that was the moment she and her husband knew I was the right girl for their son.  My sheer delight at finding their baby boy's hair was enough to convince them of my good intentions.

I've since added to the treasure.  If you look very closely you can see one white hair.  That is my first ever white hair!  Why did I keep my first white hair?!  I have no idea.

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  1. awww great post - that little pill box is so pretty and ideal for keeping the lock of hair (and your first white one) Scarlett x

  2. Lol at keeping your first white hair - mine are blonde dontcha know!

  3. Pretty box. I think I would need several of those for my white hair. Bah!

  4. too sweet for words. love this!!

  5. what a sweet little box and precious contents!

  6. A special treasure and a lovely little box to keep it in x


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