Monday, 25 July 2011

Put Up and Shut Up - A Disappearing Act

I thought I should post a little something before I disappear for a while.  I've been going through a bit of a time of it recently.  I won't say hard as I am not the type that complains or whinges.  I am one who "puts up and shuts up".

The Wee Man is starting school in September which has meant a lot of heartache and planning.  Because of his life threatening allergies we have had to make plans to reduce the risks and also plans should anything happen.  For some reason this has thrown up a lot of emotions for me.  None of them good.  Where starting school should be a happy time for us it has become a time fraught with anguish and terror, both our own and the school's.  Thankfully the Wee Man is oblivious to all of this and is happily scoring off the days on his homemade countdown calender until he starts school.  Forty two sleeps and counting.

The past month has been spent in countless meetings with various people from the school and beyond, assessing the risks and writing his care plan.  I am a person who very, very rarely cries and I have been shocked to find myself crying at a couple of these meetings.  Once with the school nurse who herself has unexplained anaphylaxic episodes.  She was the first person I have ever met who has ever experienced anaphylaxis and I asked her how it felt.  Her description was enough to send me well over that edge and I ended up teary and shaking with fear.

The Wee Man has never experienced anaphylaxis, something I and his medical team are truly thankful for.  And whilst I harbour a small hope that, somehow the Wee Man's allergic reactions are only "mild" and would never go to that extreme, my recent talk with his allergy nurse and subsequent research on Dr. Google has well and truly quashed that hope.  It is, as the school nurse said, only because of my vigilance and hard work that the Wee Man has never experienced anaphylaxis.  So basically sheer luck.

Fear has arrived and is firmly camped in my already fragile heart.  I find myself constantly thinking of the Wee Man's mortality and have become "Helicopter Mum", continually hovering over him, stealing cuddles and kisses when I can.  His life is fragile and I fear, however unreasonably, that it will be short.

So this summer will be spent spending every moment with the Wee Man and making it as fun filled and memorable as I can.  I will endeavour to stay upbeat and not show my true feelings to the Wee Man who remains forever positive and matter of fact about his allergies.

I will no doubt do the occasional post as I do have a couple that needs to be written.  Specifically, a thank you post to Aija for her fantastic swap parcel which did make me smile.  Thank you Aija.

Have a great summer everyone and I will hopefully still be able to read your lovely blogs and post comments.

Madison xxx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

How do you eat yours?

The Big Man and I don't have your average run of the mill arguments.  Indeed we don't have arguments at all more like heated debates.  In the many, many years that we've known each other we've never gotten into a slanging match of the door slamming kind.  I suppose I am very lucky in that the Big Man knows that his wife is always, always a degree.

What we do have are heated debates about the rights and wrongs of the world in general.  Regular readers will know about our recent debate about the Universe.  Last night we moved on from the high brow, intellectual debate to a more, some may say "mundane" topic of scone eating.  That's right, scone eating.

The past week we've been "gorging" ourselves on scones, complete with strawberry jam and clotted cream.  The same week as two of the Wee Man's nursery teachers remarked that I had lost weight.  I am now a true believer of the cream scone diet(!)

How can the simple act of eating a scone cause such disharmony in a seemingly stable relationship?

Simple.  I prepare my scones with jam first then clotted cream on top, whereas the Big Man has cream first then jam on top.

Now that the debate dust has settled I can see that there is no right or wrong way as such but it is purely an individual's choice.  But the part of me that always wants to win wants to do you eat yours?

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Friday, 15 July 2011

Where does space end?

"Where does space end?"

That was one of the Wee Man's brain draining questions yesterday.  Unusually this question was prefixed with "Dad, I have a question for you..."  So Dad had the honour of answering it for him.  Unfortunately the Big Man's answer lead into a "heated discussion" between the two of us with the Wee Man losing interest and wandering off to play with his toys.  Bad parents!

The Big Man told the Wee Man that space doesn't end, it's "infinite".  I on the other hand said that recent studies show that there is an "end".  Recent studies being a TV programme I'd stumbled upon a few months ago.

And so it went on, until the Big Man decided it was best that he smiled and nodded his head at me.  When in doubt, agree with what your wife says.  It makes for a happier home life!

So here I am wondering if I should google the answer to prove my point or whether I should just get on with some housework.  Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mum, I have a question for you...

"Mum I have a question for you..."

That's how it usually starts.  Fast forward thirty minutes and I'm still desperately trying to answer the question and all subsequent questions that follow.

The Wee Man has turned into Magnus Magnusson.  He, off the black leather chair and impossible questions.  

The Wee Man has always been a curious boy, as in curious about life and not curious as in strange.  Though he does have his "strange" moments.  He was three years old when he hit me with "How did I get here?  Because before it was just you and Dad and now I'm here?  How did I get here?". 

Recently the questions have been coming thick and fast and the explanations are turning into full on science lessons.  I always answer his questions correctly (as correctly as my knowledge will allow) and not fob him off with flippant answers but have you tried explaining the Big Bang Theory and Evolution to a four year old?   It gets interesting to say the least.  After I'd explained Evolution to him he "performed" it for me.  He went from a little fish slithering across the dining room floor to a four year old human boy running around the house.  No mean feat I can tell you.  

He asks such difficult questions and they always lead onto even more difficult questions. For example...

From the question "Mum, how do satellites get into space?" I explained about rocketships taking them into space and showed him a space shuttle take off on youtube (youtube is my new bff).  That lead onto an explanation of the ozone layer and another youtube video showing the Earth from the moon.  Which then lead onto a video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon which then lead onto explaining moon craters and how they are made by meteors and then back to the ozone layer protecting the Earth from them...etc.  And so it goes on and on.  

The surprising thing is, he seems to understand the answers and he often then asks his Dad if he knew...and explains what he has learned to him.  It's all rather exhausting, I can tell you.   He's come up with some real brain twisters e.g. 

"Mum, how does my arm know to move?" 
"Mum, who made the planet?"
"Mum, did we use to be dinosaurs?"
"Mum, how many satellites are there in space?"

So I've decided this summer will be spent at museums to further his knowledge but more importantly mine.  Because apparently, "Mum you know everything!"  

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Car Boot Loot #7

It's been a wee bit since my last car boot loot post, so lots to catch up on.  I haven't been to a car boot for a couple of weeks so this Sunday I was itching to get out there and rummage, rummage, rummage.  I wasn't disappointed.  There was a huge turn out of sellers and buyers.  I've never seen the car boot so busy.

And of course when I see a busy car boot the anxiety kicks in.  Lots of sellers means lots of beauties waiting for me.  Which end will I start at?  Will I just scan and run or take my time at each stall? If I scan too quickly I might miss something.  If I take too much time at a stall I might miss something at another stall.  Oh I spy something on that stall, move out the way people!  Is that person going to pick it up and buy it?  Will you people just get out of my way!  ...etc,etc,etc.

It's a stressful business this car booting lark.  No wonder the "highlights" in my hair are ever increasing.

Just before I show off my goodies I'd like some opinions please.  I've been playing about on picnik to try and improve my pics.  Put on some effects and such.  I've only done it to a couple of the pics, the sugar bowl, tea cup/mug and chamber pot.  I really am only playing about.  Will you give me some honest opinions please?  What do you think of the done up pics?  With effect or without?

Anyway, enough of the photography chat  and let's get on with showing off my finds.  My trusty Tesco bag for life was laden down with goodies.

First up a Royal Vale sugar bowl for only 50 of our shiny British pence.  The seller had loads of vintage china and I think he's a professional.  So I will definitely be keeping an eye out for him every week.  

After a little rummage on a table, stuck at the bottom of a pile of dusty ikea plates was this gorgeous gem.  It's a Royal Standard Minuet cake plate.  I already own a tea cup trio of this design so I was quick to pull my tongue back in my mouth and surreptiously wiped the drool off my chin before I asked the seller the price of it.  After a wee bit of haggling I got it for a mere £1.50.  Cheaper than I got the tea cup trio for.

Next up even more vintage china.  I really do think my vintage china obsession is getting a wee bit out of hand.  Anyway, five gorgeous Gainsborough saucers for £1.  The seller had apparently sold all the tea cups without their saucers.  Why would anyone buy just the teacups and leave the saucers?  Especially at these silly prices.   They were desperate to sell them to say the least.  There was no need for me to haggle as they kept shouting prices at me until I finally smiled at "£1".  The teenage son even chipped in "Any tea cup can fit on those saucers".  Thanks for the insight.

And to go on the "saucers that will take any tea cup", I bought a tea cup/ mug for 50p.  It's sort of between the size of a mug and a tea cup and definitely not vintage.  But it is pretty.  I've been meaning to make tea cup candles for ages now, but every time I buy vintage tea cups to make them with, I invariably fall in love with them and they end up on display in my dresser.  So this time, for sure, definitely deffo, this tea cup mug will be turned into a tea cup candle.....I think.

Next up a "tea cup" that will most definitely not fit on the saucers.  It's a gorgeous chamber pot, though the seller did try to convince me it was a giant tea cup.  Really, she did.  I'm not sure whether she was really that ill informed or whether she thought I was.  Anyway, I'm happy to play "stoopid" if I get such beauties for silly prices.  £2.50 and it's currently proudly displayed in my living room waiting for a new plant to go in it.

And finally-ish a lovely new tea towel for all of 20p.  The well to do middle aged seller informed me it came all the way from the former Soviet Union.  He said it with pride and conviction, until I pointed out the towel actually had a "Portugal" logo on it.  I think that's why he gave it to me for only 20p.  Embarrassing or what?!

That's pretty much it, though I did get a new game for the Wee Man and I also got a mystery china item.  More about that to follow.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Naughty words please

There's a lot of hoo haa about word verification on blog comments.  Some people are vehemently opposed to it and I've even seen a campaign against it.  With a campaign blog button and everything.

Though it can be annoying to have to squint at some of the words I generally find them amusing.  I like reading the words and I do actually live in hopes of finding a naughty word one day.  Yes, I do have a juvenile mind.

So far I've not had much luck and only had one occasion where a word verification has made me chuckle.  It wasn't a naughty word but "Ali G"  who is naughty in himself.

Have you ever had any naughty words or has blogger designed it so there are none?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Out of Chaos Comes Lovelies + Giveaway

It's been a bit hectic here.  I've picked up some bits and pieces from my travels to show you all but I just haven't found the time to take pics and post about them.  It takes a lot of time and effort to take really dark, out of focus photos, dontcha know?

The past couple of weeks have been all about the Wee Man and his allergies.  But to be honest it normally is all about the Wee Man and his allergies.  I've had meeting after meeting with various people at the school.  Discussing this, that and everything in between.  He starts reception in September, so he will be moving from the safe bubble that is his nursery class to the big school and beyond.  He'll also be having lunch at school which is a whole minefield in itself.  I won't bore you with the details of it all, but needless to say it's been quite a stressful time.

We all had lunch at the school yesterday, so we could witness first hand what lunch time at the school is like.  Think sixty, four and five year olds eating lunch with very little adult supervision.  After the lunch, the Big Man declared that he wanted me to be at the school every lunch time to watch the Wee Man.  He was physically shaking with fear with wide starey eyes and everything.  Thankfully, I talked him down from the precipice he was tottering on.

Anyway, there's still a lot to discuss and do before the end of term, which is only a couple of weeks away.  So really, not feeling any big pressure or stress at all.  Nope, not me.  Stress free and emotionless me(!)

Anyway, in spite of all these goings ons, I've found great solace in shopping.  A girl's gotta shop and all that.  I've picked up a few lovelies on my travels this past week.  First up, a set of vintage playing cards.  I've seen some gorgeous ones floating around blog land and of course I wanted some also.  They're so pretty and I'm going to use them for some crafty thingie rather than play with them.  I'm not sure they would survive a game of Scabbie Queen or Snap in our house.  We do get rather excitable when playing cards.

They are illustrated with wild flowers from Western Australia.  They sure beat the native British dandelion.  They are a complete pack with their original plastic case, £1.

The Wee Man and I went to the dentist last week and of course we had to pop into the charity shops on the way.  There were very poor pickings on the day but at the very last charity shop we went into I found this delightful lovely.  I very nearly didn't pick it up as it is a far cry from my usual vintage bone china.  But when I did pick it up I couldn't put it back down.  A quick peek at the bottom and I realised they were Gisela Graham and not only that, they were brand new and still had their stickers on them.

It's a Gisela Graham Gingerbread man jug and plate, £1.99.  It's so cute, the Wee Man is enamoured with it as am I. The Big Man however did his rolley eye thing when he saw it.  It's perfect for Christmas Day dinner and I'm thinking of using it as the theme for the table this year.  But that's six months away and only one day.  It's too cute to use only once a year, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect display spot in my house.  Which is a lot harder than it sounds.  I think it'll look a wee bit out of place next to vintage tea cups and the like.


On Saturday we also made a visit to our local scrapstore.  It's a great place and I'll write a whole post dedicated to the Aladdin's cave that is our scrapstore.  But that's another day and another post.  One of the things I did pick up was a great knitting pattern book.

It's got lots of great children's knits in there.  Beautiful, whimsical knits that I would love to be able to make.  I picked it up thinking that one day I'd be good enough to attempt them, but in truth I think that will be many, many years from now.  I think it would be a shame for this book to get lost in my craft stash so I'd like to give it to someone who would make use of the patterns.

There are 12 patterns in all.

My favourite is the green Maid Marion jumper.  It's so cute with a little fringey frilly thing at the bottom.

If you would like the book, just leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a name out next week.  I'll give it until next Tuesday 12th July.  Good luck.

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