Sunday, 12 June 2011

...Car Boot Loot #4

It's wet and miserable outside.  But I'm all warm and fuzzy cos I gots me some bargains at the car boot.

Can you tell I'm excited?  

We'd decided to venture a bit further afield and try a car boot sale in a town that's a wee drive away.  The Big Man, in his wisdom, decided to take the country roads and not the motorway.  Forty minutes later we finally arrived.(NB the journey home, via the motorway, took all of fifteen minutes.  GGRR!)

The car boot was held in the town's market with each seller given a real market stall.  It was all rather civilised and not the usual free for all that I am use to.  Lots of lovelies but all a bit more pricey than I am use to.  So we left empty handed.  

But after lunch I decided to brave the wet weather and go to my good old faithful car boot sale.  The rain really had driven sellers and buyers away and only the really committed and ardent car booters were there today. (That would be me)  There must have been only 10% of the usual number of sellers.  More pickings for me.  And pickings I had.

A brand new box of Cath Kidston stationery all for only £3.  It really is rather gorgeous and I can't wait to write my first letter with it.  It's been a while since I wrote an actual letter with a pen and paper, I'm more an email kind of girl, but with this gorgeous stationery who can resist.   Now who will I write to?

I did a leap and a dodge to get my slippery hands on this little tea cup.  It really is so sweet and divine.  I've been on t'internet for most of this afternoon trying to find the maker and how old they are but I'm having no luck at all.  Anyone know anything about this mark?

I am a bit of a storage-aholic.  I like baskets and jars and boxes and anything else you can stash things in.  I spotted a wicker basket to add to my collection.  It, again, is brand new and a bit too shiny for my liking.  I like a bit of dirt and history.   But for £2 I can't really grumble.

So that was my lot...well it wasn't really.  I picked something else up for Aija my swap partner for the Faith Hope and Charity Shopping swap.  I'd really love to show you it but it would spoil her surprise.  Promise I will as soon as she receives it. 


  1. Great finds :)

    We managed a bootsale this am and I found a few bits - just been taking pics for a bloggy post later. I too found something for my swap partner.

  2. She who braves the rain wins! I don't know anything about your cup, you could maybe try Jem at Beautiful Clutter, she might know?

  3. That little teacup is sweet. Nice find!

  4. It's really not fair you having these boot sales, I want some!Lovely finds, not that I'm jealous or owt :OP

  5. OOH I love the teacup and I with you on being a storage-a-holic. I am always dragging home baskets to my husbands horror!

  6. Hi

    It's Liz from the SCC! Don't know why I haven't found your blog until now, but I'm following now. The CK stationery is a great find as are the basket and cup. I don't often see things like that at our boot sales - maybe I'm not looking properly x

  7. I can see why you were so desperate to bag the teacup, it is utterly divine!! I'm wondering whether the mark could be a variation of the Meissen mark of crossed swords - they're a German company and one of the oldest porcelain producers in Europe. Even if it isn't it definitely has some age to it and is a gorgeous shape, the gilding on the handle still looks so bright and well cared for!

    Also loving your bargain wicker hamper and CK stationery! :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. I do hope you ladies pursue a return to letter writing. There was a tv news spot the other day that some schools no longer teach handwriting and future generations may not be able to read handwritten script. Important documants may be as mysterious as hieroglyphics.
    Besides that the papers are just so lovely they need to be shared.

  9. Love that cup and saucer, it's so dainty and the Cath Kidston stationery is lovely too. :)

  10. Oh you put me to shame, I took one look out of the window at 5.30 and climbed back into bed! Maybe I should have ventured out in the torrential rain. Adoore your cup and saucer, the notes and the wicker ! wow! what a haul. xx

  11. Maybe it's worth donning wellies and brolly then...

    You got some lovely things. Please write to MEEEEE with that gorgeous Cath Kidston and your cup and saucer is stunning. Hope you can find some more info about it x

  12. What a great day you had - very satisfying!

    Pomona x

  13. Gorgeous little teacup, don't know a thing about non fabric things but it looks pretty old. Great find!

  14. I love that stationary! I wish we had Cath Kidston in the states. And the teacup is very cute. I also like that basket even though it is shiny and new. The straps add a lot of character. Great finds!

  15. Gosh I am backtracking a little reading these older posts, but I couldn't not commment on this. I love CK stationery and have a couple of her writing sets, I bought one last summer in Brighton for £12! You sure got a bargain there, her paper is gorgeous and everytime I write letters using the paper it makes me happy xxx


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