Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Storage-aholics Annonymous

I seem to be drawn to storage.  Jars, baskets, boxes, anything you can stash things in, I'm interested.  Maybe this is an early sign of hoarding.  Though the Big Man may argue I am in the latter stages already.  Or maybe I'm just shrewd and use storage as a quick and easy way to tidy up.  Whatever the psychological reason for it, I can safely say I am addicted to storage.

During our trip to the car boot in Ruislip I picked up...some new storage.  What else?

These beauties made the Wee Man exclaim "No More Baskets, Mum!".  Does that mean he's aware of my addiction?  Should I now start feeling guilt?

A pair of beautiful Fortnum and Mason hampers for £5 each.  I have two others I bought last year at a car boot sale.  The original two are stuffed full of toys and I plan to keep these beauties for myself.  Mine I tell you, all mine!  I'll probably store some of my vintage china in them, or maybe I should buy more vintage china to store in them.

I also picked these two pretties up for 50p each.

A pale blue glass bowl and a delicate pink glass lidded  trinket box.  I think the blue bowl will be destined for the mantle piece for the Big Man to empty his pockets into.  I'm tired of finding stacks of coins here there and everywhere and the Big Man's morning "Where's my keys?!" comedy routine.

And also.....

A set of three new storage tins for £1.  I'm going to fill each of them up with sweets and chocs and add them to the Wee Man's teachers' end of year goodie bags.  There are five teachers in all so I'll need to hunt down two more storage tins.  Ha, ha more storage shopping.

I do love me storage.  Do you love storage?

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  1. Definitely a sign of addiction me dear! ;-D

  2. Have you ever been to the Container Store? My mom is also addicted to storage and she loves that store!

  3. I really like the brown and white tins. I a junker, so I'm your new follower 67. Pop over to my place and visit.

  4. I think I will be stenciling my own "found" picnic basket an actually using as storage. Yours is so cute. Coming over from TTT.
    :-) Sue

  5. I am just the opposite of you. I seldom keep anything that is not really important. I have a sister that throws NOTHING away.

  6. I'm addicted to storage, too, and I think your stenciled basket is amazing! This would be perfect for my Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva Party going on right now! Hope to see you there! :)


  7. My husband does the same comedy routine!!!
    Love your baskets and pretty pink and blue glass pieces.
    Thanks for coming to THT.

  8. I love storage as well, especially if it's attractive. Love the baskets, and nice deal on the glass.

  9. I've been picking up a lot of baskets too lately. But yours are stunning!

  10. It is always great to have things that will work for storage. Usually I see things like this when I am not needing anything, and let me need something like a big lidded basket and I'd be searching for weeks! Just the way it goes I guess! Happy VTT!

  11. So sweet post! I am just like you. Those baskets are gorgeous! Love your blog.
    Hope to see you on my site:)

  12. *giggles* I like the title of this post....I am addicted to baskets. too! I am linking from White Ironstone Cottage.

  13. I am in Love with those baskets and who said its bad to have a lot of treasures that you Love
    You and I are soul sisters!!!
    thanks for linking with Treasure Chest Friday


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