Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tat or Treasure?

On Sunday I saw a little something at the car boot sale which made me think of a fellow blogger.  Her laptop is a bit poorly and has gone to the laptop hospital for some TLC which means I can blog about it without her knowing.  Ha!

The lovely blogger is Scarlett from Scarlett Loves Elvis.  Scarlett, if you've snagged a PC from somewhere and you're reading this, "Stop Reading!"

Can you guess what it is?

How about another clue?

Got it?  Look at the jawline, the sideburns and the squashed nose(!)  OK, another clue then....

You must have guessed by now?  Big hair, big glasses?

OK, this one looks like Prince William in camouflage, so one last clue...

It's the King himself, immortalised in a wooden Russian Doll!  Did you guess right?

It's so tacky it's chic!  I love it!  The real question is will Scarlett see her little pressie as Tat or Treasure?  What do you think?

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  1. Oh my word. Definitely not tat - it's a work of utter genius! That'll cheer Scarlett up no end I reckon.

    Congrats on your awards in the previous post btw. Well deserved. xx

  2. Fantastic find ... my GD age 7 loves Elvis ever since I sang along with Its Now or Never on the radio one day ..... Scarlett will love it x

  3. She's going to LOVE that! Excellent find, although I did wonder where she'd expressed a preference for violins! (I see now it's a guitar). Did laugh at Prince William in camo x

  4. I think she'll be in raptures over it, what a fab find! x

  5. She will love it, Madison!! What a find!!!

  6. Not only Treasure but I would say one of a kind. And I am not even an Elvis fan, perhaps from growing up in those days when he was played nonstop on the radio. I can tolerate Beatles.

    You are a very thoughtful friend.

  7. Haha! That is the coolest thing ever and in no way tat.

  8. That's awesome! Never saw one of those before, great find!

    Thanks for linking up to my party :-)

  9. Definitely one of a kind! Great find! Lesa

  10. You may have just started a new style tacky chic!!! I have to say that I am kind of lovin' them! Thanks for bringing the King to my party!

  11. LOL!!! Ive just been catching up with your older blog posts since my laptop absence and seen this post...fair to say that i blooming love them!! Scarlett x


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