Tuesday, 7 June 2011

...a Teacup Treasure Tuesday #1

Over on Not Quite Perfect, Esther has started a new linky party called Teacup Treasure Tuesday.  The rule is simple, show treasures you have that are no bigger than the size of a teacup.  Esther has shown a fair few already, my favourite being a hippo shaped piece of wood she found when she was a little girl.

So my first teacup treasure is this....

The inside of a Kinder Surprise egg with three little baby teeth in it.  The baby teeth belong to my very big 31 year old brother.  When we were kids my parents were pretty much "Boring" and never did Tooth Fairies or Easter Bunnies or indeed Santa Claus.  So when my little baby brother lost his teeth I wanted to be the Mum that I wanted our Mum to be and told him the story of the tooth fairy.

He'd hide his teeth under his pillow and when he was asleep I'd swap it for some money.  Money was scarce in those days and I remember feeling like a millionaire when I had saved £5 in my little purse.  I remember being rather generous and giving him between 50p and a pound for each tooth.  This was back in the early 80s, so mega bucks in those days.

I've kept them all these years with the intention of giving it to my future sister in law.  I planned to present her with it and guage her love for him by her reaction to them.  All very contrived and devious for a child to think up don't you think?   Well my brother is now married and expecting his first child in August, so maybe it's time for me to part with this treasure and pass it on to it's rightful owner.


  1. Love this post - i still have my baby teeth, my mum saved them in a little earring box, it used to freak all my friends out when they saw them! Scarlett x

  2. What a lovely treasure, I wish my mom had kept my baby teeth.

  3. Lovely post! See? If you look hard enough, you will find those tiny treasures that get stuck in a drawer and forgotten, until you look for something else and they pop back into view.
    Thanks for joining Teacup Treasure Tuesday!!

  4. I have to admit I couldnt work out if the teeth weirded me out to begin with, but after thinking about it, they totally dont. I cant believe you kept your brothers teeth for that long! how sweet of you to have done that for him when you were little. What a lovely story.


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