Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Wee, Wee Man

In November the Wee Man turned a whopping five years old.  How and when did that happen?  It seems only yesterday he was an angelic (NOT) little newborn baby.

With hands the size of my thumb...

... little scrunched up feet..

...and hairy little ears.

I was a dedicated mum who documented milestones with photographic evidence.  Happy in the knowledge that I would one day proudly show the photos to the Wee Man's future partner.

Everything was photographed, his first bath...

...his first real outfit...

...even his first poo.

Yes that is his first poo, unless you count the meconium.  In my defence, the photo was taken to show a doctor.

We went through a rough time of it in the beginning.  In his first seven days the Wee Man lost a whopping 13lbs (800g).  We had daily midwife and breast feeding counsellor visits with concerns that my boobs weren't producing any milk.  After lots of sleep deprivation, four hourly boobie pumping and a good dose of domperidone my boobs finally started to do what they were suppose to do and the Wee Man began to thrive.

It's been a hell of a ride these past five years and I look forward to many, may more.


Wow!  It's been ages since I've written anything in my blog.  Poor little neglected thing.  I turn my back and I'm up to 100 followers!  How and when did that happen?

Lots has happened, some good, some bad, but I'm here and we're all well.

I promise I shall be a better blogger and write more posts.  First up a birthday party post to follow.
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