Sunday, 5 June 2011

...Car Boot Loot #3

After not making it to the Car Boot last Sunday I awoke this morning in anticipation.  It was a rather mixed bag though.  Not too disappointing as I got a couple of lovelies, but nothing outstanding.

I got four napkins for the bargain price of 25p.  I'd love to say they were vintage but in truth they are "vintage" Debenhams.   Beautiful fabric though and I'm debating whether to keep them as napkins or to use the fabric for a project.

And sitting atop of the napkins in the picture for a meager 50p, is a silver plated knife of some sort.  I'm really not sure what kind of knife it is.  It looks like a small cake slice.  Definitely not a fish knife.  Anyone know what kind of knife it is?    It has gorgeous detail on the handle and with some silver polish and good old elbow grease it will be shiny sparkly new before you know it.

Of course I had to pick a book up for the Wee Man.  He's such a book worm.  This is a favourite of his and he often borrows it from the nursery library.  I would highly recommend it for preschoolers.  For those who don't know the book, it's kind of an "I spy" book.  Lots of fun.

And last but not least a wooden picture frame for 30p.  This is for a project that I have planned and completed in my head.  That's the easy part.  Now to get my bum into gear and get it done.

On Friday I went with the Wee Man to Hitchin antiques and collectibles market.  What a trek it was from the train station.  It's a great market with lots of lovelies at reasonable prices.  Unfortunately by the time we got there, the Wee Man was tired and grumpy.  His mood soon lightened when he spotted the model train stall.  He came away with a new engine for his model railway and I came away with nowt.   Typical!

Happy thrifting everyone.

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  1. Each peace pear plum - I LOVED that book when I was little! Great finds.

  2. I love Janet and Allan Ahlberg! Their books are great! Lucky you.

  3. Oooh my kids adore Each Peach pear Plum too. Some lovely finds, the knife is beautiful although I am not sure what it is used for either.

  4. Great finds, Im always picking up books for my little man too :o) Scarlett x

  5. That find is a butter knife. Love what you found.

  6. I was going to suggest butter knife or a pie slice server. you know on diets and simple lifestyles you can not make the piece too large!
    I pick up things seeing the fabric for other projects and at that price you can save it until you get inspired.
    Like you, I have those ideas completed in my head long before I even start anything.

  7. I love the napkins and yes so lovely, do a project with them
    I like the book and must find it soon
    All good finds really

  8. Love those napkins - such a pretty design! x

  9. I can't resist cutlery, that knife is fab! :)

  10. Those blue and white napkins are so pretty. Love that sweet little knife, too.


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