Wednesday, 29 June 2011

But I Like Having Hair!

The Big Man is follicley challenged.  Is that a PC way of saying it?  And no that is not a picture of the Big Man.  It's Gregor Fisher as "The Baldy Man" one of his many hilarious characters.  

The Big Man was bald when I met him, so it is only in old faded photos that I've ever seen him with a full head of "Rick Astley" hair.  He liked his hair mousse did the Big Man.  The more volume the better.  

So obviously the Wee Man has never known his dad to have any hair, save for some bum fluff on the sides and back.  We never really mention the baldness.  It just doesn't register.  The Big Man is the man I fell in love with and he is quite secure with his "hair style".  

So it is with great surprise that the Wee Man has become rather obsessed with his dad's lack of hair and seems to be quite worried that he will lose his own luscious locks.  

For example:

Example 1
Wee Man:  Mum, when I grow up will I have hair like Dad's
Me:  I'm not sure son, maybe.  
Me:  (Trying not to pee myself)  You'll just have to wait and see, darling. 
Wee Man:  I LIKE MY HAIR!!!

Example 2
Wee Man:  Dad, why do you cut your hair when you have none? 

Example 3
Wee Man:  Mum, why does Dad have no hair?
Me:  I don't know, what do you think
Wee Man:  (Thinks for a bit and then runs around like mad shaking his head)
                  I think he went like that and he knocked it all out.  
Me:  (Trying again not to pee myself) Maybe it's not a good idea for you to do that again then. 

Hopefully the Wee Man will get to keep his locks but with baldness on both sides of the family, the future is looking quite bleak.  


  1. The old wives tale is that baldness follows on the maternal line so if your dad is bald Madison your wee man may well follow suit. My brother is as bald as a coot as was our maternal grandad but my dad has a full head of hair at almost 80 yrs old x

  2. Yeh who knows! My partner has a full head of hair but his dad went bald from an early age and uncle from early 20s. I think his grandad was bald too. So you never know is my conclusion.

    PS. relieved to note that the pic was not a photo of Big Man!

  3. Oh bless. Guess my boys are doomed then - my dad is really quite bald (although it suits him).

  4. So cute and so honest. I look at my hub's and figure we balance each other out. His thinning hair and my everything going south. lol

  5. Bless him, kids do say the most honest things, don't they?

  6. hehe, these are so cute! I cant wait till my little man comes up with these funnies :o)


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