Monday, 12 September 2011

How to display tea cups

I've got so many tea cups, they spend more time in storage than they do on display.  There is only so much space on my dresser.  My tea cups are stashed here there and everywhere.  It's got so bad that I've forgotten what I've got.  A few weeks ago the Big Man found a bag full to the brim with a gorgeous Limoges tea set.  It  had been thrown into the corner of the spare room.  Thankfully nothing was broken inside.  But I could not for the life of me remember where or when I had bought it.  I may have been the one who threw the bag into the corner in a bid to hide it from the Big Man.  But you can't prove that!

I think it's time to admit I have teacuphoardingitis.  My name is Madison and I am a tea cup addict.  If only there was some way I could display more of my tea cups, then they would be more of an interior-design-decor-type-thing rather than evidence of my out of control hoarding.

A Google search beckoned and there's so many clever ideas on t'internet.  I've decided to do some redecorating.

First up my dining room.  Well my dresser lives there and it's already kinda full of tea cups so how about the table itself?  I came across this fabulous idea from a wonderful blog Sweetology.  It's so gorgeous.  I can imagine all my lovely tea cups on display in the middle of the dining table.  I'm not sure the tea cups could withstand the table kicking the Wee Man likes to do during dinner though.  Hm!  We'll eat on the sofa in front the telly from now.

Image from "Sweetology"
There's also my side board which has all my cake stands on it.  I'll just have to put the cake stands into storage and have these lovelies instead.  Column upon column of tea cups beckon.   Thanks to  "Something Special" for that idea.

Image from "Something Special"

So that's the table, dresser and sideboard sorted.  How about the dining room walls or the Wee Man's art gallery as it is is known.  The Wee Man's at school now so surely he's old enough to not have to put his "artwork" on my lovely walls.  Do we really need to stare at his juvenile scrawls and splodges during dinner?  Well since we're eating on the sofa from now on - no.  How about some tea cups on the walls instead?

Image from "Teacup Gallery"

Look how lonely those tea cups look.  The racks would be so much happier if they lived at my house.  They'd fulfill their life's purpose and be ever so pretty.   

That's the dining room sorted, now onto the hall where the coat rack will be removed and replaced with this rack.  The boys will just have to take their coats upstairs and hang them in their wardrobes and if they're too lazy to go upstairs they can just keep them on. 

Image from "Teacup Gallery"

The fireplace in the living room will be removed and a call will be made to Mark the Builder who will build me one of these.  (If you're reading this Mrs. Mark the Builder, I expect a neighbour discount for the building of this unit)  The unit will span one entire wall of my living room unless Mark the Builder does me a very good deal in which case the unit will go across two or maybe three of the walls.  Best get my Haggling Hat on.

image from Heart Handmade UK

The downstairs loo will also get the new interior-design-decor-type-thingie treatment with this lovely little stand which will be placed charmingly on top of the cistern.

Image from "Teacup Gallery"

Job done!  I am now an Interior-Design-Decor-Type Guru!  

The fantastic hanging racks and individual stand can be found at  Wonder if they'll give me a discount on all the racks I'll be buying?


  1. There are some lovely ways to display there :) Mine are behind glass in my dresser - sadly the glass is often obscured by cards/pics etc which get stuck on there.

  2. oooooh i;d love all of these but the wall unit is my fave - how amazing that would be! Maybe in my new house :o) Scarlett x

  3. I'm not a teacup obsessive but I could be converted - I love that picture from Heart Handmade!

  4. So many fab ideas. I often buy things with no idea how to display them.

  5. What great ideas for displaying teacups! i've used a triple candle holder and also a small tiered plate holder to show off my cups and saucers.

  6. Too funny I have a few too but have been able to resist some but have to say I wish I had got them now.Looking forward to seeing how you do display yours

  7. ha i know how you feel.. i to find bags lurking in the back of wardrobes and under beds full of china and tea cups .. im slowly running out of space.. love the idea of putting them on a cake stand but they would last about 2 seconds in our house!!
    our local florist had a display the other week with tea cups hung from the handle on long pieces of ribbon ..looked quite pretty.. might give that a shot!
    have just found your blog so am off to take a look round!!


  8. Tut pass them over I'm sure I have space especially if I get that teacup case...but it would have to have glass in front, just imagine the dusting :0D

  9. Hmm, yes, I agree with your teacuphoardingitis diagnosis. They look lovely, but I'm such a smasher of all things smashable that I wouldn't be able to have them in the house. That said, one of the floral tea cups looks might be time to visit a charity shop!

    Found your blog via the talkallergy forum, I also have a child with multiple allergies :-(

    Pig x

  10. Missing you, hope everything is life is going good for you :o) Scarlett x

  11. Oh I soooo have teacuphoardingitis!! I'm so glad I can put a name to the disease haha. The candelabra idea is wonderful - thank you for a great tip! Kelly :)

  12. Where can I buy the 3rd or 4th image/hangers at....I live in Ontario, Canada and have not come across anything like these.......would love to know

  13. Where can I buy the 3rd or 4th image/hangers at....I live in Ontario, Canada and have not come across anything like these.......would love to know


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