Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some good things from aches and pains.

Last week I had to go to the doctors surgery.  I hate going to the doctor's.  Sitting in a stagnant waiting room with germs, bacteria and God knows what else floating around me.  EW!

Anyway, the only good thing about going to the docs is the charity shop next door to it.  It's part of the old folk's club and full of donations from little old ladies.  Lots of vintage loveliness everywhere.

Look what I snapped up.

A beautiful Spode plate with a delicate lace detail and pink rose in the middle for £2.99.  It's my new favourite in my vintage china collection.  It's so delicate and lovely it looks like it belongs to a country lady with a thatched roof cottage and rose garden.

I also got this plate by Royal Grafton for £1.  Not sure what kind of plate it is.  What is it used for?  It's only about six inches at it's widest edge.  You can't get many sandwiches on that.  Anyone know?

And last but by no means least, a jug with a vintage coffee poster ad.  The Big Man is rather taken with this jug and keeps admiring it.  He very proudly announced that "Camp Coffee" is made in Glasgow (where we both hail from).  His reaction was novel, considering his usual reaction to my finds range from a roll of the eyes to a full blown scowl.

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  1. oooooohhh! My favorite is the first, lace bordered plate!! It is so beautiful!! Congratulations on that fabulous find!!!
    Scowls and rolled eyes, I know them all too well!

  2. Almost forgot.
    That plate in the middle seems to be an asparagus plate

  3. I bought exactly the same plate from a boot sale a few weeks ago. it now sits on my dressing table holding trinkets. they are really pretty x

  4. Very pretty plates. Hope everything went okay for your doctors appointment

  5. Lovely finds, wish there was a charity shop near my docs - the amount of times Ive had to go with my little man! Scarlett x

  6. Your china pieces are just beautiful!!

  7. Your plate find is very neat. I haven't see an edge like that before. Lucky...

  8. I just love the first plate, it's the most prettiest plate I've ever seen!! xx

  9. Wow, a miracle!!! I love that he noticed something you found and said something! I usually just get the eye rolls!!
    I love the plate - it's yummy.Thanks for linking to Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  10. Sometimes, it is not too bad going to the doctor's office. Your trip paid off nicely for you.

  11. Wow! You scored big, Madison. I love it all - especially the Spode plate!

    Sorry it has taken so long to visit. But the good news is, I just joined you as a follower and will be featuring you tonight. So be sure to stop in for a visit. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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