Tuesday, 21 June 2011

...Car Boot Loot #5

It was Fathers' Day on Sunday and of course we had to have a special treat, steam train ride for the Big Man and the Wee Man.  On our way to the steam train we stopped off at a car boot sale that the Big Man had found on t'internet.  He knows how to keep me happy does the Big Man.  It was hidden away on an industrial estate, on an office building car park.  It was very, very small about 15 sellers in total and even less buyers.  But despite it's size I got a few gems.  The sellers were so desperate to sell something they were practically throwing things at me.

I've always wanted a Yogi Bear kind of picnic basket.  As a child I wished I could go on picnics with a picnic basket brimming full of treaty goodness.  We never did have picnics but I am determined to live vicariously through the Wee Man and force my picnic fantasy on him.  So there!

I was overjoyed when I spotted this beauty at the car boot sale.  The lady who was selling it was desperate to say the least.  Before I'd even picked it up she started shouting numbers at me and before I knew it she said the magic "£1" and the basket was tucked under my arm ready to come home with me.

It isn't exactly the same as a Yogi Bear basket, the lid opens out rather than in, but it's close enough for me.  It has all the necessary dirt and history to make my heart go bumpity bump.  I just need to clean it up and then figure out how to make a lining for it.  I'm thinking oilcloth, for ease of cleaning.  Anyone know how to do that?  That'll be another thing for me to search on Google.

I also spotted a little china bud vase, Paragon "Victoriana Rose".  I hummed for a bit asked the seller the price put it down and walked away.  It was only £1.50 but it didn't sing to me. One circuit round the stalls later, the seller came looking for me and informed me he was happy to haggle.  He was a rather dear old man.  He was selling things for his daughter who no doubt decided sending her Dad out to sell her tat was a good Fathers' Day present for him!  We haggled for a bit and settled on £1.

I also got a little something that made me think of a fellow blogger.  I'm going to ask her for her address, that is if she gives it to me as she may think I am crazy stalker lady.  What is the etiquette for things like that?  Not sure.  But I saw this little thing and thought of her.  It could either be viewed as a bit of tat or a bit of treasure. It really isn't much but it could be.

That's my lot from the car boot this week.

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  1. Yay for your finds! The basket is awesome and the bid vase, got to love the haggle. Ive put an item back loads of times when the price has been too high and they always seem to magically drop the price ;o)

    Just ask for the fellow bloggers addie, no one will think you are a stalker, its like a big old happy swapping goodies family in blog land. Scarlett x

  2. Glad you managed to get some bargains :-)

  3. Just watch out for bears when you have your first picnic ;) and remember to take lots of pics for us to see :)

  4. I have been looking for a picnic basket like that! I love it!!!

    I don't think a fellow blogger will think you a stalker, I have done the same thing before, found something I thought someone would love and mailed it to them. It is delightful getting surprises in the mail!!

    Happy VTT!

  5. Never fret there is not a one of us that would not appreciate someone thinking of us with a little gift.


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