Monday, 30 May 2011

...Car Boot Loot #2

I didn't get to go to a car boot yesterday.  Instead we went on steam train rides with Paddington Bear.  So I thought I would show some loot I've bought in the past but never blogged about.

I got this lovely mug from a flea market in York.  It's a vintage mug commemorating the Queen's coronation.  After all the tat that's been around for the recent Royal Wedding it's refreshing to see one that's more elegant than tat.  On a recent visit to Liberty's in London I saw one of these mugs made into a very simple pin cushion and selling for a whopping £30.00.  I had planned to make my £1 mug into a profit making pin cushion but I have rather fallen in love with it.  I am by no means a Royalist but is rather pretty, don't you think?

I got these teacup trios from a Car Boot sale over the winter.  They are marked Queen Anne and if I remember correctly they are from the 50s or 60s.  They were bought for £3.50 and were the remains of a an elderly couples wedding china.

A teeny tiny Minton dish for £1.  I am always tempted to buy these but I have no idea what to use them for.  They're difficult to display and I am ashamed to say it is currently used to store some of the Big Man's endless screws, nuts and bolts "collection".

And my best "buy" from a carboot recently was this...

...a simple Royal Vale tea plate that is currently my favourite, purely because I got it for free.  The lovely seller gave it to me because she had no other matching pieces.  I thanked her and ran away before she was given the chance to change her mind.

Bargains are great but Freebies are better!

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  1. I love the Vale Rose plate and the Royal mug is lovely, wow at £30!!

  2. Can't beat pretty flowery bone china. What a lovely collection and £30 for a pin cushion ! wow!

  3. really love the crockery, lovely finds :)

  4. you're right...there is nothing better than a freebie (especially a nice one like your little plate!)

  5. That rose printed tea plate is gorgeous - a fabulous freebie.

  6. I have a love of all things china and your finds are beautiful.

  7. Oh, vintage china! My favorite!!

  8. Lovely pieces. I especially like the Queen Anne teacup trios.

  9. I wonder if the Royal Wedding aftermath will lead to an increase in value for memorabilia of the Royalty variety.
    Well done on your other finds too, not to my taste but that is the great thing about bargain-hunting, there is something for everyone
    my find is at


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