Sunday, 17 July 2011

How do you eat yours?

The Big Man and I don't have your average run of the mill arguments.  Indeed we don't have arguments at all more like heated debates.  In the many, many years that we've known each other we've never gotten into a slanging match of the door slamming kind.  I suppose I am very lucky in that the Big Man knows that his wife is always, always a degree.

What we do have are heated debates about the rights and wrongs of the world in general.  Regular readers will know about our recent debate about the Universe.  Last night we moved on from the high brow, intellectual debate to a more, some may say "mundane" topic of scone eating.  That's right, scone eating.

The past week we've been "gorging" ourselves on scones, complete with strawberry jam and clotted cream.  The same week as two of the Wee Man's nursery teachers remarked that I had lost weight.  I am now a true believer of the cream scone diet(!)

How can the simple act of eating a scone cause such disharmony in a seemingly stable relationship?

Simple.  I prepare my scones with jam first then clotted cream on top, whereas the Big Man has cream first then jam on top.

Now that the debate dust has settled I can see that there is no right or wrong way as such but it is purely an individual's choice.  But the part of me that always wants to win wants to do you eat yours?


  1. jam first with cream on top! :-) Not that I am allowed to eat any at the moment :-(

  2. oh its got to be jam first then cream on top :)

  3. I ate one this afternoon... butter, then jam, then clotted cream on top, yummy!

  4. What do you mean, no right or wrong way? Of course there is! Jam has to go first..history says so ;)

  5. got to be the jam then the cream, the other way would just feel wrong and ruin my scone eating experience ;o) Scarlett x


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