Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mum, I have a question for you...

"Mum I have a question for you..."

That's how it usually starts.  Fast forward thirty minutes and I'm still desperately trying to answer the question and all subsequent questions that follow.

The Wee Man has turned into Magnus Magnusson.  He, off the black leather chair and impossible questions.  

The Wee Man has always been a curious boy, as in curious about life and not curious as in strange.  Though he does have his "strange" moments.  He was three years old when he hit me with "How did I get here?  Because before it was just you and Dad and now I'm here?  How did I get here?". 

Recently the questions have been coming thick and fast and the explanations are turning into full on science lessons.  I always answer his questions correctly (as correctly as my knowledge will allow) and not fob him off with flippant answers but have you tried explaining the Big Bang Theory and Evolution to a four year old?   It gets interesting to say the least.  After I'd explained Evolution to him he "performed" it for me.  He went from a little fish slithering across the dining room floor to a four year old human boy running around the house.  No mean feat I can tell you.  

He asks such difficult questions and they always lead onto even more difficult questions. For example...

From the question "Mum, how do satellites get into space?" I explained about rocketships taking them into space and showed him a space shuttle take off on youtube (youtube is my new bff).  That lead onto an explanation of the ozone layer and another youtube video showing the Earth from the moon.  Which then lead onto a video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon which then lead onto explaining moon craters and how they are made by meteors and then back to the ozone layer protecting the Earth from them...etc.  And so it goes on and on.  

The surprising thing is, he seems to understand the answers and he often then asks his Dad if he knew...and explains what he has learned to him.  It's all rather exhausting, I can tell you.   He's come up with some real brain twisters e.g. 

"Mum, how does my arm know to move?" 
"Mum, who made the planet?"
"Mum, did we use to be dinosaurs?"
"Mum, how many satellites are there in space?"

So I've decided this summer will be spent at museums to further his knowledge but more importantly mine.  Because apparently, "Mum you know everything!"  

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  1. hehe, of course mums know everything! Loved this post :o) Scarlett x

  2. lol...That is my favorite fase: questions upon questions. Mom, why am I me? HA!!! Answer that one, why don't ya!
    Great post, great memories! Thanks!

  3. I love the acting of evolution!

    My boy is curious in general, when he was 3 he was obsessed with flags, and had a major melt-down when he found out Bosnia-Herzigovina's had changed!

  4. Hey,

    Love LOVE your blog!! defiantly following!

    follow me if you like?

  5. Yes they always think you know everything when you cannot possibly do so. Imagine what he will be like when he is 10 like mine and applying to university!


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