Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Naughty words please

There's a lot of hoo haa about word verification on blog comments.  Some people are vehemently opposed to it and I've even seen a campaign against it.  With a campaign blog button and everything.

Though it can be annoying to have to squint at some of the words I generally find them amusing.  I like reading the words and I do actually live in hopes of finding a naughty word one day.  Yes, I do have a juvenile mind.

So far I've not had much luck and only had one occasion where a word verification has made me chuckle.  It wasn't a naughty word but "Ali G"  who is naughty in himself.

Have you ever had any naughty words or has blogger designed it so there are none?


  1. Being latin blooded, naughty words are a big part of my vocabulary, as much as "talking" with my hands. But I refrain from doing so here, because I know I may offend some readers. It is also possible for younger readers to come around, and I don't curse in RL in front of them, so I don't use them on my blog either.

  2. Word verification can be a pain in the bum when its a massive random word and you get it wrong. I have had some fun ones though, the best one so far was verruca :o) Scarlett x

  3. I get rude sounding ones all the time! I have to admit I find word verification really really annoying (sorry). It hasn't stopped me following anyone's blog, but I do find it a massive pain. Especially when you think you've commented, shut the window and realise it wanted a word verification. If you have lots of blogs to read it really slows you down. I don't have it, and the spam filter has caught any spam just fine. I don't pre-approve my comments either - say what you like!

  4. Oh my...I just read the post over, and had a major DUH moment!!!
    I've read quite a few cute word combinations, and I recall one was "rokously penish" which made me laugh
    I don't use word verification, I find it's taking security and privacy a bit too far.
    Besides, if I get a comment I think is rude, abusing or spam, I contact the poster (if it is something small) to see if it may be a mistake, and if push comes to shove I just delete!

  5. Newest follower here Just thank Scarlett lol. I love the Elvis dolls you got her what a great find suits her well.

  6. The comment I posted on the post below wanted me to re-type "parse" so almost a rude word lol. Have also hd "peniss" and "bumer" which could be rude to a poor speller ;-)


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