Friday, 15 July 2011

Where does space end?

"Where does space end?"

That was one of the Wee Man's brain draining questions yesterday.  Unusually this question was prefixed with "Dad, I have a question for you..."  So Dad had the honour of answering it for him.  Unfortunately the Big Man's answer lead into a "heated discussion" between the two of us with the Wee Man losing interest and wandering off to play with his toys.  Bad parents!

The Big Man told the Wee Man that space doesn't end, it's "infinite".  I on the other hand said that recent studies show that there is an "end".  Recent studies being a TV programme I'd stumbled upon a few months ago.

And so it went on, until the Big Man decided it was best that he smiled and nodded his head at me.  When in doubt, agree with what your wife says.  It makes for a happier home life!

So here I am wondering if I should google the answer to prove my point or whether I should just get on with some housework.  Decisions, decisions.

1 comment:

  1. lol...a simple "right after the last planet" would have finished that one
    I just love these years!!!


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