Friday, 6 May 2011

...a shabby dresser (Part 2)

A whole two months ago I got a pine dresser from Freegle.  Two whole months it's been sat in our hall.  Two whole months we've been squeezing ourselves round it to get into the living room.  Two whole months I've been beavering away to get it ready.  Well not quite beavering, more like lazily doing a bit here and there.  I do like to take my time on these things(!)

Well finally it's done...kind of.  It needs to be moved into place which is a major de-clutter and chuck out operation.  It's going to replace an Ikea Cube unit thingie in the dining room which is currently chock full of toys and junk.  So guess what I'm doing this weekend (if I can get my bum into gear)?

Here it is all painted and waxed.  I painted it in Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White and gave it a coat of clear wax.

I am debating whether or not to get new knobs for it.  Something a bit more pretty and shabby maybe?  New knobs or not new knobs?

This was what it looked like before the paint job.  A lot less orange now.  


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  1. Well done, it looks stunning! The knobs look ok to me. Looking forward to seeing it in situ xx

  2. That is a great transformation,it's stunning. Well done. I like the knobs as they are personally, but you could live with them for a bit and change them if you don't like them.


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