Thursday, 28 April 2011

...a visit to the Shambles in York.

One day during our week away, the boys and the girls split up to do gender specific tasks i.e. the girls went shopping and the boys went to stare at some trains.

My mother in law and I spent a lovely afternoon mooching around the Shambles in York.  It was truly lovely.  The streets were all ye olde worlde cobbley charm and the shops were a delight.

One of the shops we stumbled upon was "The Antique Centre York".  My mother in law was very patient as I browsed two floors crammed full of antiques and lovelies.  My heart racing at every step.  I was determined to buy a souvenir of our visit to York and of course what better than a vintage tea cup for my collection and what better place to find one.  After an extensive search I narrowed it down to three possibilities.  But after some soul searching I decided upon this gorgeous trio.

 It's marked "Foley China" and I have a few other Foley bits in my collection.  I love the delicate flowers and of course the gorgeous pink.  It really is stunning and better still my mother in law bought it for me as a present.  Ain't she lovely.

After some tea and refreshments we stumbled upon a delicious little shop called "Scentiments".  It sold the most divine cakes I have ever seen.  I had to stare at them a bit before I realised they were in fact candles.  Look, can you tell they're not actually cakes?

Unfortunately I didn't buy anything from the shop.  Candles and a four year old do not mix.  But they have an online shop and I forsee a lot of cake candle presents in my friends' futures.

York as a whole was a gorgeous and wonderful place to visit.  I would whole heartedly recommend making a visit there.  Be sure to bring lots of pennies because there is so much temptation.

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