Wednesday, 6 April 2011

... a gorgeous handmade purchase.

The Wee Man has a very busy social life.  His world is a whirlwind of parties, parties, parties.  With some invitations being sent out a wee bit late e.g. the week of the party(!), I always like to keep a stash of presents for the birthday child.  That plus I always like to buy things on sale and stash them away.

I find it's rather easy to buy presents for boys.  I know boys, I have a boy.  They're easy.  The trouble always comes when I need to buy girl gifts.  I know I'm a girl of sorts, but I have not got a clue what 4 year old girls like.  

So when I saw the lovely goodies that Bloomin' Myrtle makes I knew they would be perfect.  I've bought some little rag dolls before and the little girls who received them, loved them.  She put some lovely geese and bunnies on her blogshop and I knew they would be perfect for the the little girls.

Well I'm sad to say that they weren't perfect for the Wee Man's little girl friends.  I decided that they were way to good for them!  Keepsy, keepsy, keepsy!  They were so delightful, so gorgeous and too, too good to be played with.

Let me introduce you to Gerty, Gladstone and Berty.  Utterly gorgeous.  They are so well made my description just won't do them justice.  Every single stitch is perfect, not one is out of place.  The techniques she has used are way beyond my skill and understanding.  Just how did she make those beaks?

Gerty, Gladstone and Berty arrives at their new home in a tissue filled box.

I think their new home will be on my dresser (once I finally finish revamping it!).  This is them sitting on the dresser that's been painted and awaiting a coat of wax.

Gladstone Goose and Gerty Goose
Berty will live right next door to them on the same shelf.  Though the Wee Man may commandeer him for his room(!)  Berty has a gorgeous little felt flower in his paw and again, have not a clue how she's made it.

Berty Bunny 

And if that wasn't enough there was a little extra surprise for me in the box.  A sunny little gift just for me.

The most beautifully handmade heart ever!  It smells delish.  I'm not sure what the smell is but it reminds me of sunny afternoons in the garden.  This is now hanging on my wardrobe and making me smile every time I see it.

Not only that, I also got some lovely notecards featuring Gerty, Gladstone, Berty and their friends.

I'm so happy with my purchase.  I would highly, highly recommend Bloomin' Myrtle's makes.  They are perfect and so, so reasonably priced.  I figure to buy the equivalent mass produced, not so well made versions from the high street it would have cost at least double what she charged.

Please do have a look on her blog shop and maybe one day you can be the proud owner of a Bloomin' Myrtle Lovely.  


  1. They are gorgeous, not surprised you want to keep them!

  2. Aww bless you honey, I'm so pleased you love them all, they look so settled where they are too.

    Love and blessings

  3. I wouldn't want to give them away either....they are gorgeeeous. So well made, and you got extra pressies as well!


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