Monday, 4 April 2011

...a Spring photo album (Part 1)

I love Spring.  It brings the promise of new, fresh and wonderful things.  This year I want to capture all those things that make me love Spring and as you know I've already taken one or two blossom photos.  I found this great Spring Photo Checklist on a lovely blog and I'm going to see how many of the 50 photos I can tick off.

I'll post the pics I take on me blog in the hopes it brings some Spring time loveliness to it.

Thus far I can tick the following off:

A tree in bloom  One of the gorgeous trees that line the streets of our little town.

A tree in bloom 

The outside of my house   We've turned our front garden into a veg garden because it gets full sun all day.  This photo can also double up as garden preparations.  The ground has been turned and is awaiting all the new seedlings.  That's Sam Scarecrow in the background.  The Wee Man and I made him last year using some of his old clothes.  He's in need of a wee bit of repair.
The outside of my house, soil turned and ready for vegetables.

Doing yardwork  The Big Man gave our patio a spring clean with his jetwash.  Oh the muck that came off it was disgusting.  Check out the before and after!

Doing yardwork.  Clean and mucky patio.

Oh, quick a lovely picture needed to offset the yucky patio... How about the most gorgeous flowers ever?

Fresh bouquet of spring flowers  These are the gorgeous daffodils the Wee Man gave me yesterday for Mothers' Day.  Beautiful.

Fresh bouquet of Spring flowers.  Mothers' Day daffs from the Wee Man.

That's me so far.  Looking at the list, some of them will require some lateral thinking. e.g. "bare feet in the green grass"  will have to be something other than actual feet on grass.  I can't stand the feeling of grass under my feet and neither can the Big or Wee Man.  Thinking cap will definitely need to be pulled on.

More to follow.


  1. what a fun album you'll have full of spring pictures! so happy you're enjoying the checklist...can't wait to see all your pictures when you're done! :) Rebecca

  2. Sounds like this list is going to be fun. Are your cherry trees in flower already? Ours are just starting to bud.

    Bare feet in that is a real Kiwi thing, so many kids even walk to and from school with bare feet.

    Sorry about the scary insects ;-)


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