Tuesday, 12 April 2011

...a confession.

I'm going through withdrawl, bad withdrawl.  Sunday, was the first Sunday in a very, very long time, I didn't go to a car boot sale.  Since then all I can think about is finding a bargain to give me a fix until my next car boot.  We're going on hols this weekend so realistically it will be three Sundays from now before I get my next fix.  It's driving me mad.  I've even googled to find a car boot anywhere near to where we've booked the cottage.  I need a fix!

Today I dragged the Wee Man round the the charity shops in our town and found nothing.  Nowt!  The Wee Man did get three Thomas books but how about me?  No pretty china, no pretty fabrics, nothing.  I did find a delightful crochet blanket in the first charity shop I went to but the Big Man decided to call at that precise moment and duly talked me out of buying it.  His reasoning was that I should make one to make it more special. Argh!  Emotional blackmail.  

So here I am, stroking all my previous car boot finds to relive those moments when they came into my life.  Oh car boot sales, how I love thee and thy bounty.  

I'm going to stop now before I start pacing the floor.  Off to distract myself from that knawing need.  I'll leave you with a couple of photos of pretty things I found a couple of weeks ago from a charity shop.  

A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" bud vase.  I did my usual google and was pleasantly surprised to find it is the world's most popular china pattern.  Spawning it's own fakes and everything.  Whether that makes it desirable and coveted or just a mass produced piece of china I'm undecided.  I haven't been able to find a monetary value for it yet.  But I got it for a measly 99p.  

Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" bud vase 99p

An Old Foley James Kent Ltd china planter.  I have some muscari growing in it right now and it's found a temporary home on the living room side table.  The Big Man keeps admiring it, so must be a winner(!)

Old Foley James Kent ltd china planter £3

Off to distract myself.  Thinking of all the lovely charity shops I can wander into on holiday.  

Hello, my name is Madison and I am a Car Boot Addict.  


  1. Madison - Thank you for leaving such a kind note on my blog! And thanks for posting pics of your finds. I love them! I'm jealous you live in the UK and can get such nice china pieces. And I didn't know what a car boot sale was until today...but now I know if I lived over there, I'd be a car boot addict too!

  2. I love to see photos of other people's bargains! I'm just like you regarding car boot fixes, my friends just don't understand me and some won't even enter a CS - can you believe that? xx

  3. I also have friends that wont even think about going to carboots etc.....more for the rest of us then! Hope you havn't bitten your finger nails to the quick yet :0D

  4. Ooooh. You're using chalk paint too? Were you already using it or was it a MMS influence? I'm so curious about it and would love to try it, but can't justify spending the money just yet. Once I sell some pieces though, I may be more inclined to get it!

  5. Thanks for giving me a heads up on your chalk paint post! I hope one of my local stores sells it too...I'll let you know how it goes once I've tried it out!



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