Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Big Man has FINALLY Learned

The Big Man and I have known each other for a fair few years and finally after all those years he has come up trumps with his present buying.

Lookey what he gave me yesterday.

It's a gorgeous Johnson Bros Rose Dawn Coffee Pot.  It's in perfect condition and will be proudly displayed on my dresser.

Not only is it gorgeous and perfect, it was also bought from a charity shop.  Double points for the Big Man.

The Big Man done good!


  1. The Big Man done extremely good. I do love the Johnson bros stuff. So elegant.

  2. Great! Could you give him my husband's phone number and would he call and explain that gift giving is not that hard... there is a set of dishes at... cJoy

  3. Wowwee Madison, you have certainly trained him well!
    I love it, but of course you knew that already!
    I am surprised he didn't save it for Xmas day, it would have been a nice surprise, but I guess..kinda hard to wrap!
    XX Gem

  4. Oh the coffee pot is a beauty! How fabulous. I hope you and the family have an amazing christmas hun, Love Scarlett x

  5. The coffee pot is gorgeous! I also have something for you, go and look at my blog :-)
    aishakenza xxx


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