Monday, 15 August 2011

Another score from Freecycle

Who loves Freecylce?  I do, I do!  I love Freecycle, love it!

You may remember the fantastic dresser I got earlier this year and it's subsequent transformation.  Well I got myself a new project to dip my chalk paint into.  

It was described as a half moon display unit.  I always find descriptions on Freecyle posts to be rather obscure so it's always a bit hit and miss when you turn up to collect things.  This unit is most definitely a hit.

It has glass shelves and a light but a bit of the veneer has come off the corner of one of the doors and the keys to the locks have been lost.  But a lick of paint and maybe some wallpaper on the back will transform it.

I love it and the Big Man and Wee Man are rather taken with it too.  The Wee Man has decided his model trains will look lovely displayed in it!  He is still reeling from my refusal to display his trains on my dresser.  A stern "No way!" hasn't sufficed so far.  Looks like I'll have a mini battle on my hands.  

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  1. That's great, I've got one as well, although I wasn't lucky enough to get it from freecycle.

  2. Oh bless him .... could kick myself now as I used to have two cabinets like this when we first got married (2nd hand contributions from relatives as we didn't have much furniture then) and I chucked them out!

  3. oh its lovely :o) I never have any luck on freecycle, the people never seem to respond to me :o( Scarlett x

  4. Oh I dunno, paint it blue, some fat controller wrapping paper at the back and it's a perfect home for Thomas and Friends!

    Great Freegle find, it's a really nice bit of furniture.

  5. Ah its lovely!
    Wotcha gonna put in it?

  6. Wish our freecycle had such great things.

  7. Great, would love to see it madeover. I'd put all my crockery in it but i'm selfish like that ;-)

  8. Can't wait to see it post make-over, what a find! x


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