Sunday, 21 August 2011

Car Boot Loot #9

Despite having the In Laws visiting, I still managed to drag the mob to a car boot on Saturday.  Hazza!  The Wee Man had a host of hives come out on his face as we were about to drive off but thankfully after thirty minutes of face staring the hives disappeared.

So we hot footed it to the Car Boot.  By the time we got there it had been open for two hours and with a feeling of great loss I started my rounds.  The stalls all held great promise, lots of vintage lovelies again, but I'm sure if we'd got there earlier, there would have been a lot more.  But hey ho, such is life.  At least I got thirty good minutes of staring at my gorgeous Wee Man's face, albeit with hives included.

So here's the goodies I snagged meself.

Whilst I was flicking through some books at a stall the seller "shouted" that they were 50p each and the ones behind were 10p.  The "ones behind" turned out to be vintage Ladybird books.  Before I could move the three inches to get to the Ladybird books, I was rugby tackled by Super Mom and her reinforced aluminium baby carrying frame complete with baby and nearly knocked off my feet.  Ignoring my indignation she swooped down and literally grabbed all of the books.  ***insert appropriate swear word***

Her bratty kids kept asking why she was buying those books.  "Why Mom?  Why?"  Through gritted teeth she boldly lied to her kids saying they were books she had as a child and just wanted to relive her childhood.  Ya right!  More like she was going to stick them on Ebay as soon as she got home. Whats more for the rest of the day it seemed that every time I looked up or behind me she was there, stalking me.

But I struck it very, very lucky.  Look what I found, without Super Mom breathing down my neck.  Ha!

They are all in very, very good condition compared to Super Mom's tatty and torn haul.  Ha!  They were only 10p each and I found a couple of the books for sale on a collectors website for £22 and £20.  Double Ha!

Moving on......From across the car boot I spied this and my heart lurched.  I loved this book when I was a child.  So I actually did buy it to relive my childhood.  No, really I did.  I doubt it's worth much money as it is a tatty old paperback printed about three decades after it was first printed.  But to me it is worth a lot more than the 5p I paid for it.

Moving away from the books and back to my usual chinaware, a couple of Wood & Sons "Woodland" dinner plates. I've never seen  plates like these before and though they are far from the usual flowery, pinky bone china that I favour, I thought they were worth bringing home with me.  Especially since they were 50p each.

I must admit, after staring at them some more, I'm not too enamoured with them.  The Big Man's Dad has been admiring them, so I may send the plates home with him.

Just as the Big Man called to entice me back to the car, I spotted a great stall with huge boxes of kids arts and crafts stuff for 50p each.  There were also loads of party bag fillers and party ware for 50p each also.  A very quick rummage in the boxes netted me these...

...a huge bag of pipe cleaners.  You can never go wrong with pipe cleaners.  Some Dora the Explorer fabric paints, which I am keeping for myself(!), a PVC messy mat and a diving toy submarine.  I'd have bought a lot more but I was very aware of the mob waiting for me in the car park.

So that was my mixed haul from the Car Boot on Saturday.  The visiting In Laws are doing well.  My tongue is also doing remarkably well.  Not much biting being done.  The Big Man's Mum has actually brought me a whole host of goodies....but that is another post.

Madison xxx

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  1. ooh what lovely books! I've had similar things happen at carboots, you get the "professional" booters who just barge you out of the way. I always find it quite funny that when i find a stash of old books, like yours, i get so excited, its like finding treasure! I always expect the vender to say some crazy high price and then they are like 5p...such a cheap hobby though!

  2. Great books great finds and good on you for finding better ones than pushy mum.I love finidng things that bring back memories/

  3. Great about the books! I have a couple of very used vintage ladybird books but I don't think they'd get much on ebay lol. And glad you're managing to cope with the in-laws, you might even enjoy their company ;-)

  4. Some great book finds, I didn't realise there was a second book on British birds, will have to keep an eye out for that one. I haven't been to a car boot for yonks...I daren't go at the moment.

  5. What a rude lady :( - hope her ebay sales fall flat ;)

    You've found some great books there - some I've not seen before :)

  6. Ha, never mind, I expect Super mom's baby puked on her head later on. It's karmic. Nice finds though, I'm sure you'll have hours of fun learning about coin collecting ;-)

    Re: reliving childhood, I just bought myself all the Malory Towers books off Ebay. I really shouldn't be allowed a Paypal account.

  7. I hate people like that! I'm currently looking for a certain book because I loved it as a child. I'm glad you found an old favourite of yours!

    E :)

  8. I love Ladybird books, you did well to get them. I'm afraid I'm no good at car boot sales - too much of a wimp! Thanks for linking up with Magpie Monday.

  9. I love old Ladybird books too. I've been gathering up some of the story ones for Squeaky, albeit mostly 1990's ones so far, shiny covers, not the matte ones I remember as a child. I only seem to spot the vintage ones when I go to Hay-on-Wye, and I'm not going to pay what they want for them, no matter how entertaining the titles.

  10. Love the ladybird books - a great find and a great price!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. So happy you found those great books! I too love to find vintage children's books!

  12. Great find on the vintage books i would have had to get them!

  13. Oh yes super mom gets about, she is regularly seen at my local boot! Im glad you managed to bag all those lovely ladybird books! I think sometimes it is better to go later as people sell their bits way cheaper :o) Scarlett x

  14. sounds like you found some great items in spite of 'super mom'. Love the party stuff and the books. Great condition is good. Smile. I'm glad you found your favorite childhood book.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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