Monday, 8 August 2011

Car Boot Loot #8

Wow!  Been ages since I wrote a car boot loot post and also been ages since I've been to a car boot.  We've been having lots of summer fun, despite the stupid weather.  Thunder storms one day and a heat wave the next.   The Big Man and I have been focusing on giving the Wee Man the best summer he has ever had i.e. trains, trains and more trains.  So every weekend has been spent riding some train or other so we haven't been able to get to any car boots.

But on Saturday, I finally, finally got to go car booting.  Yippee!!  My usual car boot runs on a Sunday afternoon but this clashes with steam trains, so we hot tailed it to a neighbouring town to what may well be the best car boot in the world.  OK, maybe I'm getting over excited, but wait until you see the goodies I bought.

So, so, so many lovelies.  The Big Man had to coax me away by getting the Wee Man to phone and plead for me to come back to the car.  Emotional blackmail!  GGGRRR!!!

I think it must have been "Clear Your Granny's Loft" day.  There were so many vintage goodies at stupid prices I think I am secretly glad the Wee Man blackmailed me back to the car.  Not that I spent a fortune.  But I'm sure there is only so much my house can hold before the Hoarding Police are called in.  

First up a haul of vintage saucers and tea cups.  The seller had crate loads of vintage china and I was getting decidedly hot under the collar.  The excitement was tantalising and I very nearly took out a young man as he rummaged alongside me for I think, kitchen bits for his student digs.  "Get out of my way, you layabout!"  Be warned, there are loads and loads of photos.  

And from the same seller a couple of tea cups.  A slightly chipped Johnson Brothers beauty and a gorgeous rose Duchess tea cup.  

I got all the saucers and the two teacups for a whopping £1.  I couldn't believe it!  Bargain, or what?!  When I found out the price I went digging some more in the crates and found these gorgeous vintage J&G Meakin soup bowls.  Four gorgeous bowls for a mere 50p.  

And of course you can't have a saucer without a teacup.  After my saucer haul at my last carboot and this carboot I desperately needed some teacups to go with them.  And I struck it lucky when I rummaged in a box full of crockery and found these gems.  Four beauties for a mere £1.50.  The seller had a lot more but by this time, the guilt was starting to set in so I had to limit myself.  

But the guilt soon disipated when I spotted this lovely teacup and saucer set for a relatively expensive £1.50. 

By this time my arms were aching and the glow on my forehead and top lip was starting to bead to add to my attractive no shower, no make up, non ironed, car boot look.  A look I work hard on achieving. 

As I contemplated going back to the car, I spotted this teapot and after some examination I decided it wasn't really that lovely and put it down.  I was about to walk away when I spotted the "Everything 50p" sign that was propped up against the tarpaulin.    50p for a teapot?!  Yes please!  I made a grab for it, nearly knocking over an old fellow who was flicking through a box of LPs and the teapot was mine, mine, mine.  I've suddenly grown to love it, which I suspect is more to do with it's price tag than it's design.  

Newly motivated and ever so slightly more deranged looking I wandered over to the next stall run by a man who was most definitely selling the contents of his Granny's loft.  Three lovely ceramic pomanders for a mere 20p each.  They even have their original stickers on them.  

A few stalls more and I found this delicate pink glass for 30p.  Is it a wine glass or a sundae glass?  I'm not really sure but I can tell you my Pinot tasted delicious from it.  

And what would I need to round off the Perfect car boot day?  Storage of course.  I spotted this strange looking jar on a stall and intrigued I chatted to the seller about it.  She said it was a preserve jar, but I wasn't too sure.  I hummed and hawwed for a bit and she said the magic "50p" and it was mine.  Having looked on t'internet I found that it is indeed a preserve jar, made by Weck, but it is missing some metal clamps that hold the lid shut.  Not to worry as I won't be using it for preserves.

That was my haul and I was and still am a very happy bunny.  Of course I also bought a few bits for the Wee Man.  A phonics game by Orchard Toys for a whopping £2.  Really rather expensive considering, but it's educational so justified.

Another great puzzle.  The Wee Man loves the Usbourne Young Puzzle books and this is a jigsaw of the same series.  We haven't built it yet and I hope, hope, hope all the pieces are in it.  I bought is for 75p.

And of course no day is complete without a train of some sort making an appearance.  The Wee Man spent 50p of his pocket money on this brand new die cast metal train.

Phew, what a haul and what a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  Totting up everything I'd spent on myself it only came to a mind boggling £6.40.  No wonder I'm on a high.  I've informed the Big Man that his Saturday morning duties will now include taking me to the car boot sale.  


  1. Oh you've found my fave Sat morning boot ... can see I'll have to get up earlier now I've got competition ;-)

    Lovely haul and isn't just the best old fashioned CB without mountains of dirty laundry everywhere. Probably see you on Saturday morning xx

  2. Blimey you hit the motherload! I love everything you found! Sounds like my kind of boot sale :o) Scarlett x

  3. Good grief Missus, that is a haul and a half! Fabulous bargains too. Well done!

  4. Am envious of all that gorgeous china - bargain prices too.

    We've not made it to the bootsales for ages - probably won't this weekend either as we're off to a party on Saturday night.

    We were looking through old photos today of the boys when they were tiny and all the steam days we'd taken them too. Eldest son was Thomas & train mad :)

  5. Such pretty china! That pink glass is really lovely!

    E :)

  6. Indeed a drool worthy haul!!

  7. What lovely china you found and at such a good price. Is car booting the same things as garage saling here in the US? Newest follower.

  8. O MY! Be still my heart!! What lovely pieces of china you nabbed!! Those dishes and tea cups are all to die for!!
    Great job treasure hunting!!


  9. Wow! Jackpot! Great finds. I love all the different patterns.

  10. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! i am in love with your 50p teapot! so many gorgeous treasures here.

  11. Oh Madison!!! What a great haul!!! One of these days, I promise to fly over there and we will go car booting together!!!
    That thistle flower dish is to.die.for!!!!!

  12. OMG it's like chinaware porn, and you know how much I love my chinaware! I also have one of those preserving jars. Amazing finds! x

  13. Love the pieces you found !
    Can´t believe you got a teapot at that price.
    Lucky girl !

    Swedish regards from Ikealady

  14. What an amazing haul! The teacups and saucers are all gorgeous! I went to a teashop once where they made chandeliers from mismatched cups and saucers. I LOVED the way they looked!

  15. A great haul! I like the teapot :-) Think I may have a cup or two that may match...I will have to have a look.

  16. Beautiful dishes, the china saucers, tea cups and that gorgeous tea pot. What a fantastic find. I believe that tea tastes better when served with pretty dishes.

  17. Ooooh Madison! Jackpot or what!
    What a haul, and you painted such a funny picture of yourself too! I'd have been like that, umming and ahhing about everything whilst panicking that someone else was going to swoop in and buy things!
    Which car boot was it? Not the Hatfield one? I am on the lookout for one for this Sunday! :) Which one was it? pretty please?!!
    P.S the glass, I think actually held an IKEA candle, as I saw them in there the other day, very CK looking I thought x

  18. What elegant looking china! Someone had a stellar collection from which you benefited! And I love the little train too!

    I'm your newest follower.

  19. Not going to say anything.....too jealous :0D


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