Friday, 25 March 2011

...pretty blossom pictures

It's like wine gums, you have one and you just can't stop.

On my way to collect the Wee Man from nursery yesterday I just had to take some more pictures of the gorgeous blossom that is festooning the trees in our little town.

I do love blossom, so delicate and perfect.

I had the urge to pick some.  So I did (naughty girl).  I'd bought a little flower press from a car boot sale ages ago for a measly 20p and I have been dying to use it.  So when we got home the Wee Man and I forgot about lunch and pressed us some flowers.

We did try pressing some last year in a book with some kitchen paper.  Hm!  Lesson learned - don't use kitchen paper.  They are still pretty though.  They may find themselves on some Mother's Day cards soon.


  1. That first picture would make a great card.

    Actually the flowers pressed onto the kitchen paper look lovely - I think I need to look out for a flower press at the bootsales this season.

    Have a good weekend - here's hoping for sunshine :)

  2. Hey Madison,
    Gorgeous photos, nothing wrong with flower photos!!
    Thanks for the comment about my teeeeny collection ;) I agree, charity shops are fab, just a shame there arent too many car boots local to be, or they'd be my friends too :) xxx

  3. Gorgeous blossom and I also like the kitchen paper flowers


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