Tuesday, 15 March 2011

...a picture frame with kids

It's been a while since I last posted.  My Mum has been visiting so obviously all my attention was diverted elsewhere.  I have been crafting a bit here and there though.

My big exciting news is that I have been invited to the Wee Man's nursery class to hold regular weekly crafting session with the kids.  Yay!  The Nursery Head, Mrs. S. and I decided that it would be best to have more "lazy" crafting sessions.  The times that I've been in have been very goal orientated.  More quantity than quality.  It was quite the norm for me to have ten children at a time crowded round the crafting table demanding my attention.  So we decided that instead of just making something, I would also be giving the kids some one on one time.  So crafting and chit chat in small groups.  I am very flattered that Mrs. S. would consider me worthy of spending quality time with her charges and I really hope I do live up to her expectations.

So what am I going to be making with the kids?  After much debate, we have settled on picture frames.  The Wee Man and I quickly mocked one up for Mrs. S. and she loved it.

I used a photo frame I have as a template and drew around it onto a sheet of corrugated card. Then used a stanley knife to cut it out and then used some scrap fabric and watered down PVA to glue it all on.  Simple and messy for kids to do, so hopefully a lot of fun.

After the kids are finished decorating their frames I'll attach the backing piece and strut (is that what they are called).  All cut from cardboard and stuck on with my hot glue gun.  I love my hot glue gun.  I'm not sure how I coped without it before.

I'm going to give the kids a choice of what to stick onto their frames.  Fabric scraps, ribbons, wallpaper, torn pictures from Kids magazines, buttons and whatever else I can find from the Scrap Store.

I'm really looking forward to the sessions and I hope the kids enjoy them as much as I know I will.  Oh and the pic in the frame is the Wee Man when he was a couple of months old.

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