Saturday, 26 March 2011

...the perfect day out for the Wee Man

Yesterday the Wee Man's nursery had an Inset Day so I decided we should have a special fun day.  After much debate and perusing of the web, the Big Man suggested the London Transport Museum.  The Wee Man loves trains, buses, trams, basically anything with wheels.  So the Transport Museum sounded like a great day out for him.

It's also in Covent Garden not too far from the Cath Kidston shop so I was rather excited myself.  Well the Wee Man was very kind and allowed me all of four minutes to drool at all the lovelies at Cath Kidston, before his demands for the Transport Museum got too much(!)  Well who am I to deny a desperate four year old.

The Transport Museum lived up to all of his and my expectations.  It really is such a great place for kids to play and explore.  You can get on practically all the exhibits and there are loads of exhibits (toys) for the kids to play with.

The Wee Man's favourite was the underground train you can "drive".  A large screen in front shows the train drivers view of the underground track, all dimly lit tunnels and packed platforms.  Very cool.

We had a great day out and we will definitely be going back again.  I would thoroughly recommend it.

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