Monday, 7 May 2012

Numb Bum Day

It's been a while since I wrote an update on the Wee Man's allergies so I thought this was an oppotune time to do so.  You see tomorrow the Wee Man goes into hospital to have his immunisations.  Not something that a child would normally go into hospital to have but for the Wee Man it's a big day. 

For a couple of years now Dr. H his Consultant Peditrician and allergy speicalist has been trying to source latex free vaccinations for him.  Her searched failed miserably and she's been consulting other allergy experts worldwide for solutions to our dilemma. 

With the Wee Man's latex allergy it means any jabs of any kind are life threatening.  All vaccinations have a latex bung on the bottles that the needle passes through to get to the solution inside.  That needle is then usually inserted into the patient and injected.  That plus the fact the solution has been swilling around latex makes the whole thing rather risky for a person with a latex allergy! 

So after much consultation she concluded that the best course of action was to take the bung out of the bottle and get to the solution directly.  The Wee Man will get 10% of the solution initially and after a period of observation, if there are no adverse effects he'll get the full dose. 

The Wee Man is not too thrilled with the idea of the needle.  Up until a couple of months ago he had no fear of needles whatsoever.  In fact he loved having blood tests as it usually meant a lot of female attention from all the nurses (he's such a ladies man!).  But a couple of months ago he had a bad experience with a blood test where he didn't have the numbing cream and the person taking the blood was, to put it bluntly a sadistic bastard.  He was literally poking the needle about inside the Wee Man's arm.  Jabbing the needle in and out and wriggling it around whilst inside his arm.   He failed to get to a vein and then inisisted he try the other arm.  I had to put my hand over the Wee Man's arm to stop him from continuing.  Since then the Wee Man has been wary of needles. 

Fortunately the Wee Man has been blessed with parents with the ability to make any situation funny! ;0)  We have allayed his fears by advising him that we will ask for numbing cream to be applied before any needles go anywhere near him.  But of course, jabs are usually given in the bum region.  For the cream to work it has to be applied to the area for at least 45 minutes and cling filmed on.  So we have told the Wee Man he must have his bum cling filmed.  Plus the numbing cream, really is numbing, so he won't feel his bum for a few hours afterwards.  So he won't know that he is sitting down and also because he won't be able to feel his bum this gives his parents the right to tickle his bum to their hearts content.  ;0)

That is why, tomorrow is affectionatley known as "Numb Bum Day".


  1. Bless him, such a lot for a little one to go through, hope all goes well tomorrow.

    Beki xx

  2. Good luck to Little Man and I hope the day isn't too stressful for you.

    Be sure to remind him of bum tickles when he's a strapping great teenager ;) and what him blush.

  3. Ah, bless his little cotton socks. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  4. Bless his little heart. Poor little guy. Chin up Wee man, if mummy tickles your bottom, you should tickle her back! hehe. Hope all goes well. xx

  5. Good luck little man! Humour can work wonders in tough situatons, especially with kids! x

  6. What a brave little man. Made me smile with the numb bum, humour is a good way to overcome horrible situation. Hope everything goes OK.

  7. Lots of good vibes for Little Man and his numb bum xxxx


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