Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chequered Cake Tin - The Result

A couple of weeks ago I bought an interesting chequered cake thingie with the hopes of making the Wee Man a little treat.

Well last week after school, the Wee Man insisted we make a chequered cake and I know I could have put my foot down and refused but I secretly wanted to give it a go too.  So without the right amount of ingredients to make the full size version.  I played about with the recipe and quantities to make a two tiered one. 

It kinda worked out.

We had to kind of squish the cake mixture into the rings.  This was very fiddly and frustrating.  

Carefully ease the rings out...phew!  The white cake batter is lumpy cos it has banana in it.  Just so you don't think I didn't mix it right.  

Ta-Dah!  Baked and out the tin.  Marvel at how the rings have baked into each other but not actually "bled" into each other. 

The second tier. 

Some butter icing between the layers and....Voila a chequered cake!  

A definite hit with the Wee Man and all the kids at school the next day.

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  1. A £1!! I hate to think how much that would cost in Lakeland or somewhere, makes a great looking cake though, well done you!

  2. Ah I remember you buying this! My spacial awareness is terrible so I was wondering how it was going to make the check effect but I get it now - very cool! Thanks for liking up x

  3. I am so pleased to see the finished result, I clearly remember you posting that bargain.

    It looks totally amazing!

  4. Great cake and I bet you are pretty impressed with the result! I've always wanted to try baking one of those rainbow cakes but always worried about the colours clashing xxx

  5. Sweetie, thanks for your comment on my water-slide decals post. Check back on the comments - the company has come back with a recommendation for you x

  6. I've often wondered if those tins worked - now I know!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. How cool is that! Bet it was delish too. xx

  8. Great find and make - the colour possibilities are endless - thinking red/white/blue for jubilee?

  9. what a cool idea! it would be so fun for a tea party. just found your blog through the ta da tuesday linky, you have some lovely posts.

  10. Glad to see that you got to use the 'thing' and with super results, I love cake but I love chequered cake more! x

  11. Never seen one of those before but what a fantastic result!


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