Monday, 30 April 2012

Car Boot Loot #18

Finally some sun!  It's been so long that I've forgotten what sunshine looks like.

I think the whole of the UK has me to thank for the sun!  Yesterday we all trooped out to buy the Wee Man some wet weather gear.  Not only a windproof, waterproof jacket but also an all in one rain suit thing.  The type that you zip yourself into with just your face and hands showing.  

So because of this timely purchase of wet gear, the sun has decided to spite me and shine it's smug glorious face all over us.  Shouldn't really complain should I.

What the rain did stop us from doing this weekend was go car booting.  They were all closed because the fields were pretty much lakes.  So I don't have much to show this week.  Just some goodies from charity shops.

First up, a beautiful set of Paragon tea plates.  They are the right shade of green and the pink roses are gorgeous.  I do love pink roses.

And another train game for the Wee Man.  He has so many board games they are taking over my house but for £1.50 and it's a train game, I had to buy it.  It'll be a lovely surprise for him when he comes in from school today. 

That was my lot for this week.  Not much to show really.  The rain really has a lot of answer for.

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  1. Ohh thank you for the sunshine, fingers crossed for a sunny week!
    The board game is such a great find, and a total bargain.

  2. It's my fault the rain came in the first place - I had a cut and blow dry! Thanks for sorting it out though ;-)

  3. The plates are gorgeous, I do love a pink rose too xxx

  4. I missed my carboot fix yesterday - like yours the field was underwater :( - hoping for next weekend to be better, even if its a bank holiday!

  5. The weather has been dreary I agree! But you've done really well, love the china
    Amanda (the Ana Mum Diary)

  6. oh, oh oh I want those beautiful plates !!!

  7. I love those plates! Gorgeous!

  8. I'm so glad you bought that wet weather gear! I think if I'd have gone another day without a blue sky I might have gone mad!

    Beautiful plates. x


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