Friday, 20 April 2012

Welsh Slate Tile Chalkboard

One of the places we visited on our Welsh holiday was Chirk Castle.  I'll write a more detailed post about our visit later but for now I want to show you the souvenir I bought from the very pricey farm shop on the castle grounds.

In amongst all the lush homemade cakes and goodies, organic meats and treats, plants and flowers was a huge pile of slate tiles.

I ignored all the goodies and went for the slate tiles.  At 50p each how could I resist!  The slate tiles were taken from the castle roof itself and were rather manky to say the least.

I thought they would make a great hanging chalkboard sign.  Unfortunatley they all seemed to have only one hole in them probably where they were nailed down.  But after a lot of rummaging around I found one solitary tile with two holes.  I know I could have asked the Big Man to drill an extra hole in but unfortunately I have a husband who does not really prioritise my crafty needs i.e. he would have chucked the tile into his "workshop" in the hopes that I would forget about it!

After much scrubbing of the tile, it came up lovely.  I couldn't find any twine in my stash so have had to make do with some ribbon (I hope it's strong enough).

The sign is now hanging in my porch.  It's all lumps and bumps and rather difficult to write or draw anything neatly on it.  But I think it all adds to it's charm. 

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  1. Lovely - great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh Madison, it's utterly brilliant. Love it. 50p too! Btw, how dare hubby not prioritise your crafty needs. Cheeky blighter. xx

  3. This is amazing, esp as it was 50p!! Scarlett x

  4. Aside from the fact that you turned this used slate tile as a chalkboard, you gave it another chance to be of value again.


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