Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Wee Man's Millions

I've been having yet another clearout.  No matter how often I do it, it seems to just keep piling up.  Toys, toys and more toys.  Where does it all come from and why after five years am I still tripping over that stupid plastic quacking duck?!  I blame myself.  The Wee Man has inherited my hoarding collecting instinct and it's well and truly biting me on my bum.  Look at all the money boxes he has for his savings?  And these are the ones that have survived the many culls.

He likes counting his pennies

All of them are filled to the brim with pennies he's literally picked up here and there.  The Big Man has an annoying habit of emptying his pockets and leaving little piles of coins everywhere.  It use to really annoy me until I had a brainwave and told the Wee Man he could keep any coins he found around the house.  So now my house is free of little piles of coins, instead I have six  money boxes to contend with.

So I've decided to open a savings account for him.  He already has a few to his name.  There's his Child Trust Fund account, his university account and his gifted money account.  He tells me regularly not to worry about paying for the house as he has money saved up(!)  I'm not really sure his pennies will cover our extortionate mortgage but it's the thought that counts.

But another savings account is required and we shall call it his "I've-got-too-many-money-boxes-so-I'm-keeping-my-money-in-the-bank-before-Mum-has-another-strop!" account.


  1. awww bless him. After reading this post I thought about all the money boxes in my house.... um.... lots! Oh dear, perhaps I should have a clean out too! Katie xxx

  2. Ah yes, toy cull drastically needed here too. Birthdays are coming up and I still don't have homes for everything from Christmas. We also seem to have numerous money boxes, I think relations see them as a good present and then it's hard to give them away. All my 1ps, 2ps and 5ps are in a old wine bottle, and I collect £2 in a nice money box I swiped from one of the kids. The latter add up nice and quickly for treats although my husband gets annoyed as I always swipe the £2s from his change!

  3. Fortunately, my daughter has not inherited my hoarding instinct and has recently decluttered her bedroom to the extent that it is now virtually a minimalist haven.

    I have 4 money boxes and have recently bought a 5th. I know, I know, there's no hope for me. xx

  4. Ive recently had a toy cull, however i seem to always come home from charity shop visits with another toy for him (ie the toy he was given in the shop to keep him quiet!) Scarlett x


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