Thursday, 12 January 2012

Anyone know what the hell this is?!

I was going to post this photo as a "Silent Sunday" post but really it needs words to express me exasperation.

The Big Man "made" this creation and it's been in our downstairs loo since Tuesday.  I have no idea why he did it or what it's purpose is and I have no intentions of clearing it away.  I want to see how long it stays there.

Are there any male behavioural experts out there that can explain this to me?


  1. Hi Madison,

    Men are very weird aren't they? I'm really curious to what it is? lol

    Thank you for following my blog & the lovely comments you left! I have a severe nut allergy..what allergies does your son have? It is a huge struggle just having a nut allergy so it must be really hard for you all.

    Gemma x

  2. Well either it is (excuse me) a symbol of his manhood.. OR if that is a bar of soap on the top, he may just be trying to dry out both sides of the soap at the same time...which may be rather clever! Hmmmm.... :)x

  3. I have three younger brothers and a one son. I think I know what this is. The tissue is to keep the soap from dripping. It was wet when he put it up there to dry. Dry soap feels like new soap. Next time he baths he'll use his homemade 'new soap.' Of course, I could be totally wrong. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Yes I think he's trying to dry the soap out, but perhaps he's planning on selling it to the Saatchi gallery?

  5. That's a very clever drying soap invention. Well done him, he will be on Dragon's Den next!

  6. Or he got a little bored and made a sculpture?

  7. Haha, so it's not just my husband that does weird things with soap...... I remember once we'd argued, I'd gone to clean the bathroom the next day forgetting all about the little spat and he'd carved the worst swear word you could imagine in my favourite bar of soap! Charming!

    I just popped into say hello. I noticed we are paired up in the easter swap hosted by Lissylou.... Katie xx

  8. Just found your gorgeous blog through hookin with laalaa...
    Love your pics... this strange creation made me laugh, men are very funny sometimes :)

  9. I had no idea what it was. Showed my Mr ... he straight away said, "obviously he's trying to dry the soap"! Men ... we'll never understand them! M x


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