Saturday, 26 February 2011

...great charity shop finds.

I've had a great week finding treasures in charity shops and car boot sales.  I can't believe the things I've bought this week and I wanted to share, i.e. show them off.

There's a great little charity shop next to my doctors surgery that's connected to an old folks club.  So basically most donations are from the old ladies who attend the club.  Cue...lots of gorgeous china and bric a brac.  The charity shop is a wee walk away so I don't go often, but when I do I always come out smiling.

Lookey what I got...

Royal Albert "Forget me Not" Coffee Pot £1

Royal Stafford "Olde English Garden" tea cup and saucer £1

Royal Albert "Rhododendron" tea cup 50p

Glass cake stand £1

Royal Imperial tea cup, saucer and plate £2

Silesia sugar bowl £1.50
I love tea cups and all things tea party.  Tea cups, sugar bowls, milk jugs, little silver tea spoons.  My collection is getting a wee bit out of hand.  Not that it's massive, though it is growing steadily.  There's just no where to display them.

Everytime I buy some china I always have a look online to see how old the piece is and what it's true value is. I likes me a bargain I do.  I found the coffee pot on a replacement china website for £73.10!  Can you believe it.?!  Do wonder whether I should go back to the charity shop and give them a donation though.  Seems a bit unfair if you know what I mean.

What do you think?  Should I?


  1. Really pretty finds....Imo I don't think you need to go back hun its upto the CS to find out if what they have is worth anything....Oxfam have their own website for the better stuff.

    You got a bargain ...don't feel guilty just enjoy looking at it x

  2. Oh my goodness! All of these are gorgeous! :)
    My favourite is the pink floral teacup set!


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