Monday, 7 February 2011

...a blog

Well here I am at last. My very own blog. Yay! It's been a year since I started delving into the world of blogs and I've loved reading every one of them. I thought I should try my hand at it, at the very least it will be my own little diary.

So what is my blog about? Well I like making things, so let's start there. I'm a mum with one four year old son and a rather grumpy but understanding husband. My house is full of bits and pieces of crafting stuff. Lots of projects on the go or waiting to be started. Thus the grumpy husband. Why iron when there is a craft to be planned (i.e. blogs and tutorials to be read)?

Last week was a manic week. It was Chinese New Year and I volunteered at my son son's (Wee Man's) nursery to make, talk and cook all things Chinese New Year. It was a manic and thoroughly enjoyable time. We made Chinese drums, Chinese paper lanterns and Chinese red envelopes. I did a talk for them and showed them a dvd of Chinese lion dancing and my lovely son shared his Lion dance costume with all the children in the class. They were allowed to "put it on" and dance to the very loud drums and cymbals. Then a very quick dash to the school kitchen to cook up some dim sum for their snack. Phew!

The photo is of the Chinese drums the nursery children made. They were given CDs to paint red and decorate with gold bits. I then took them home and attached them onto tubes with two beads attached. I got the idea from this great site.


  1. Well done on setting up your Blog. Looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Maypole. Just need to figure out how to make it look pretty.

  3. Welcome to blogland ! The first of many posts I hope Madison and don't forget we like lots of pictures ;-)

  4. Oh, my very first follower. Thanks Debbie. I should actually be getting the Wee Man to bed right now, but hey, blogging is much more fun!

  5. Welcome to world of blog! Looks great Madison, looking forward to reading more.


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