Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Car Boot Loot #10

It's been a couple of weeks hasn't it?  I've lost all sense of time.  Hopefully now the Wee Man has started school I can give my blog some dedicated time.  The house will most probably suffer but hey ho, I am a Lady of Leeeeeee-jure now.

This morning I've been playing catch up with taking photos of the lovelies.  I've had to take a rain break so I'll post the photos I have taken,  more to follow at a later date.

First up, something I paid a lot more than I usually pay for things but a real bargain none the less.  A complete Queen Anne tea set with six teacups, six saucers, six tea plates and a cake plate.  Nineteen pieces in all for £7.50.  That's 40p for each piece!  It's so lovely and in mint condition.

Next up found amongst a tarpaulin littered with old rusty tools and general garage crud was this china sandwich plate.

According to the seller it's Ming Dynasty!  But according to the mark it's Minton.  After some haggling down from the thousands of pounds the seller wanted for his very rare Chinese antiquity!  I got it for a very respectable 75p.  Some quick ebay research told me I had in fact bagged myself a serious bargain.  This exact piece is being sold for between £10 to £25.99.  I'm not sure what it's really worth but I do know it's worth a lot more than 75p.

Next up another piece by Minton.  I know it's a jug, but I'm not really sure what kind of jug as it's got a saucer with it.  Does that mean it's for something other than milk or cream?  Maybe it's just a posh jug?  A little bit extra added to justify an extortionate price?  Not that the price I paid was extortionate.  One shiny British pound was paid for this beauty.

And the last item I got to photograph before the rain started was this lonesome little teacup.  I cannot for the life of me remember where or when I bought it.  I do know it was from a carboot sale this past fortnight.  But I have no recollection whatsoever of the actual purchase or the price paid.  I'm thinking it was a bargain price because I only buy things at bargain prices.  But I just can't remember.

Is this a sign of old age or maybe it's because I've bought so much stuff it's all becoming a blur. Yikes!  Another sign of hoarding?!

Do you ever get home from a carboot sale/ charity shop/ flea market (etc) and forget how much you paid for things?

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  1. Lovely tea set Madison, and I also adore the little blue jug and saucer...for custard maybe?

    Enjoy your leisure time!

  2. Maybe a gravy or custard jug?lol I love your other bits too and no I dont usualy forget how much I paid unless its ages ago then I do.

  3. Blogging before housework - it's the Law of Lakota, and I demand you follow it!
    Hope your little boy is getting on ok and you're not worrying too much.

    I think £7.50 is very reasonable for such a pretty teaset - and I did laugh at the Ming dynasty sandwich plate, that well known snack of ancient China ;-)

  4. Hi Madison!
    Thanks for the comment, that ring is sooo lovely isn't it?! ;)
    Your finds are fab, really amazing bargains. Naturally I love that jug and saucer, are you sure its not just a jug and saucer with a cup missing though?
    Hope you have a lovely week
    xx Gem

  5. So pretty! The first few remind me of my mother's dishes that she loved so much:)

  6. Hey, we go to sales for the fun, not to memorize every price, no worries. It looks like you really know how to spy treasures. Your creamer is lovely. The saucer is probably simply from a cup with the set. I bet it looks lovely standing on it though. When you have a "high need" child like you and I it is good to have "cheap therapy" like thrifting.

  7. If we do not want to be tempted, we need to stay away from sales. Seems we always find something we really think we need. You made the right choice in those dishes. Very nice.

  8. Gorgeous is the word! Love the soft hue of pink. Thanks for sharing. Loved your site.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


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